Small hearts, big egos

Left to right: Robert Kocharian, Serzh Sargsian, Levon Ter-Petrossian, Photo from Armenian Reporter

Former Armenian Presidents Levon Ter-Petrossian and Robert Kocharian won’t attend Armenia’s independence 20th anniversary celebration on September 21.

Ter-Petrossian and Kocharian received official invitations to participate in the state dinner, military parade and celebratory concert dated to September 21, but apparently their egos were too big to fit peacefully side by side at a brightest and most wonderful celebration which is the Independence Day.

Isn’t it ironic? The three men who had an immediate role in the establishment of today’s 20-year-old Independent Armenia (for good or for bad), can’t tolerate each other even for a day – for an Independence Day. Again.

I’m disgusted.


5 thoughts on “Small hearts, big egos

    • Ter-Petrossian can speak of dialogue after March 1, but can’t take part in the celebration of the Independence that he himself established? That’s a tricky line right there.

      As for Kocharian – I don’t understand what’s his problem. Why is it, that he can take part in the celebration of Karabakh’s independence, but not that of Armenia. What, he can’t bear to see Armenia being independent, or what?

      • As you may have noticed, the attempt for dialogue failed after Serj Sargsyan got what he wanted out of it and had the HAK youth arrested. One condition for the dialogue was freedom for the political prisoners.

        BTW, Ter Petrosian did not establish the independence. It was the achievement of the people of Armenia. He simply was the elected leader at the time.

  1. It’s ironic.

    One wants to take power to make the country a paradise and even negotiates with today’s government over that topic, but refuses to take part in the celebration of that very country’s independence day.

    The other one is so sick that he thinks he is so right, and has always been right and he can not be mistaken and he was the best president of the country, in the main holiday of which he refuses to take part in.

    It’s a shame, but I guess they don’t understand that. You’re right, their egos and their arrogance blinded them.

  2. ay txa why you disgusted, ha? te aveli lav they dont show up. why would you want them at our independence celebration? what did they do to make us “independent”? we still rely on russia for support in everything. economic, financial, social, infrastructure. we are not as “independent” as you all think

    these 3 MURDERERS, these 3 evil mafiya tyrannical dictators,these 3 GENOCIDERS-OPPESSERS-DEPRESSERS of ARmenites dont deserve to attend in celebration, but should be present for a nice old fashion old-school style HANGING

    If my ppl had any sense and big BALLS, they should drag these 3 satana’s children out of their MULTI-MILLION dollar mansions, strip them out of their $3000 suits, and hang them from the walls of our Haraparak……ev verj !!!!!!

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