My Independence Day

Poster dedicated to 20th anniversary of independence

Poster dedicated to 20th anniversary of Armenia's Independence |

I’m going to enjoy my Armenia’s Independence Day today. I’m going to feel proud watching the great Military Parade, enjoy the concert in Freedom Square, clap like a child watching the Festive Fireworks.

I’m going to remember how our generation survived the earthquake and the blockade, hunger and cold… how we won the war… how we read the best books of our life under the miserable glow of the oil-lamp… I’m going to remember how life started getting better and we started taking 24-hour electricity for granted again…

I’m going to remember how I grew up from a 13-year-old Soviet child into a 33-year-old independent Armenian man…

And I’m going to feel happy and really-really appreciate My Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to us all!


19 thoughts on “My Independence Day

  1. I’ll be working all day today – so decided to make this blog post now, because won’t have time later. But I’m not complaining. I’m absolutely happy to be working on Independence Day and bring its news and joy to all fellow Armenians.

  2. Enjoy it, Artur! It’s good and wise for everyone to look back, reflect, enjoy this time, but also to think about the future and what you want it to be, and to strive to make it that way to the best of your abilities. Happy Independence Day, and may there be many more years to come!

  3. I envy all of you who will be there and bare witness to such a celebration and rejoice with each other. My Hayqakan heart hurt so much and filled with much sorrow that I can not be there with my ppl to celebrate and enjoy our beautiful wonderful precious homeland, but I want to express my love, respect, and admiration for my precious & priceless homeland.

    Hayastan jan, vonc qez shat em sirum, du ches kara havata. du misht im sirtum es mnum, 24 zham misht qo masin em mitacum. yes qez hamar aprum em eli, qez merrnum em, qo janin merrnem. du indz hamar aydqan ayl shat thank ev angin es. misht mer [email protected] piti bardzr pahem, misht qo [email protected] bardzr pahem. im [email protected] Hayastan e, yes em [email protected], ba bolors ayl Hayastan enq menq. Hayer jan, xndrum em, te dzesanic aveli axachum em… miacreq irar het, sireq, hargek, enduneq, ev amenic amena [email protected] paheq mimyanc. ch’krrveq, ch’zzveq, ch’ateq irar, ch’pordzeq qandel irar. ev eli misht maqur paheceq mer [email protected] paheq ev hargeq mer [email protected], mer hin pat’[email protected], mer paper u [email protected], mer iskakan [email protected] menq enq mer [email protected], menq enq mer [email protected], mer [email protected] Hayastan e….ev verj

    I dedicate these 2 special videos to my homeland and to all REAL Hays in and outside of Hayastan-ARcax-Javaxaq. we are one ppl, one nation, one race. we can return home and take back what birthrightfully belongs to us. our homeland is ours, we can live there, make a new and better place for all us real Hays who want to see our homeland grow, develop, succeed and prosper forever

    ari tun Hayer jan, qele veradarnanq, [email protected] yes gitem

    and one for our Hay Gusan ARAAAAAAAAM
    I miss him so much and I wish he was alive today so he can sing this song at the celebrations. ARam jan, du misht mer sirterum es, menq qez yerbeq chenq morranum. du mer qefin dzaynn es, jaaaaaan mer ARam, [email protected] parum en eli, ay im Hayerun [email protected] tanem. arden lac’s yekav :*)

    • @Observer
      apres, thank you for posting this video. this is best tourist video I’ve seen ever, and not because I am Hay of course, but because really its done very well. of course that has alot to do with us being Hay, we are the best

      anyway, its 430am here now (16:30pm in Hayastan) and I’m so excited about today that I could barely sleep and decided to begin celebrations aligned with Hayastan time

  4. I thought to share this video of our so-called “all stars” (as they love to be referred to as) singing our anthem. its receiving mixed reviews, some good some bad. you can watch it and comment on it. for me its not bad, but its not great either….however, it is our [email protected] (anthem).

    I think if Silva Hakobyan sang the entire anthem solo it would’ve been better than a collective effort

  5. Sh’norhavorum em mez hayeris, mer Hayastani ankaxutyan 20 amyaki kapakcutyamb. Tox mer yerkirum misht xaxaxutyunn ishxi, barelavi aynqan vor hamayn [email protected] otar aperic tun veradarnan yev noric darrnanq covic cov Hayastan :)

  6. apparently Yerevan’s 2793rd birthday was celebrated during our 20th annv. independence celebrations. I didn’t know about this. I thought there would be another HUGE celebrations for Yerevan in Oct. 10th week as it is every year for last 20+ years. de lav, I suppose it makes sense to celebrate Yerevan’s b-day along side our 20th annv.

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