Look up, Armenia!

“Chenq lrelu” initiative presents the photo exhibition of my good friend, photographer Hayk Barseghian (his photos have been featured as the header of this blog for about two years now).

The initiative “Chenq lrely” (We won’t keep silent), was created by a group of young people concerned with the future of Armenia. Having a solid 4000-strong presence in Facebook, the group strikes to bring into media attention issues of public concern. The initiative claims to be politically neutral and calls all the young people, who share their values and concerns, to join the group.


2 thoughts on “Look up, Armenia!

  1. woooooooooow, beautiful, wonderful, magnificant
    thank you to chenq lrrelu for uploading the video
    thank you to observer for blogging about it
    and thank you to our axper Hayq for his work
    Hayq jan, qezanic lav@ ch’ka, apres !!!!!!
    just thru these photos you can see how beautiful Hayastan really is

    I would like to join CHENQ LRRELU. this is kind of group I want to be part of. no politics, no bullsh*t, just we want normalcy and properness in our Hayastan. the youth needs to rise up and fight against all the evil bs in Hayastan. they can do it, they out number the evil mafiya. Yes Hayastan em, Du Hayastan es, Menq bolors Hayastan enq

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