Rotten cheese and its feel bad, feel good story

I bought some cheese in Moskvichka Supermarket yesterday, which turned out to be rotten. As a true cheese lover I was badly annoyed…

I only found out about the fact, that the cheese is rotten, after arriving home and unfolding the thick layer of wrapping. It was too late to drive back to the supermarket. It also ruined my bright evening plans of enjoying cheese and butter and tea.

The whole situation frustrated the hell out of me. I had a troubled night, conjuring up situations, where I take the cheese to the supermarket and they refuse to take it back.

By 7 A.M. this morning I had everything planned – got my phone in recording mode, prepared the spy-camera-pen I had, put the wrapping and the receipt from the supermarket back in its wrapping, braced myself…


“Sure, no problem… yakhk, it is badly rotten, sorry about that,” the lady at the counter told me immediately after I stepped in with made-up bravado and laid my accusing eyes on her, squeezing out: “I bought cheese yesterday. It’s rotten…”

I had prepared for a fight, for false disbelief, for refusal to take back the cheese. Not because I’m quick for imagining things, but because all my experience in Armenia has taught me that.

“Would you like your money back or an equivalent piece of good cheese,” the shop manager asked with a pleasant smile, after the girl at the counter called her and explained the situation.


I walked out of the shop in disbelief. I felt good, but I felt deceived. We’re not used to be treated properly in this country. But I guess change is coming.

Thank you, Moskvichka, for the feel bad story of rotten cheese, which turned into a feel good story.


9 thoughts on “Rotten cheese and its feel bad, feel good story

    • You’re refering to this Facebook group, right?

      For those who don’t know, let me explain. There was a time, when Moskvichka supermarket wouldn’t give HDM receipts to customers to a point, that a special group was set up in Facebook called: “Մենք բոլորս “Մոսկվիչկա” սուպերմարկետներից ՀԴՄ կտրոն ուզող ենք” (We’re all taking HDM receipts from Moskvichka supermarket)

      Maybe it was the influence of this group, maybe something else, but for about 2 months they have been accurately providing receipts.

  1. Moskvichka chain was created to be sold to a bigger chain. However, the practice of selling expired food, keeping HDM coupons, or practicing overpriced food policy makes them be valued less by any business valuation agency who will eventually valuate this chain for its new clients. They are not only criminals, but stupid criminals.

  2. it was correct for you to return it and moskvichka to accept the return for refund and/or exchange it for a new. I agree, that is very surprising for a Hayastani retail store to take back such a perishable item, apologize for it being rotten, and then offering to refund/exchange for a new. that kind of westernized business practice is very uncommon in our Hayastan. however, maybe because it is a chain/corporate store and not a mom&pop store that is why the proper procedure occurred and you are justified for being unintentionally wronged. I am confident that if it had been mom&pop owned store, you wouldn’t have experienced such a justification and been told…”well it is what it is, there’s nothing we can do. its food, its meant to expire”…or some lame ass excuse given to you to send you away

    what is an HDM receipt/coupon?
    you telling me retail shops in Hayastan dont issue receipts for purchased goods and/or services???

  3. recently I watched a moskvichka tv ad on USArmenia showing 2 ladies (1 in Yerevan , 1 in LA) chit chatting, talking about this and that and hard times, and then the ad shows the lady in LA contacting moskvichka purchasing goods and having it delivered to her friend in Yerevan. I suppose this is new tactic to try to get the diaspora to spend money in Hayastan with out physically being there. then again could be a ploy to let diaspora know that you can now buy the goods for your loved ones instead of sending the cash direct hoping they wont spend it on good it was not intended for and/or pocketing it

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