It's a Boy! World's 7 Billionth Baby Is Born in Armenia

Armenia -- Vahram Voskanian, the world's 7 millionth baby born on 31Oct2011 in Artik
Armenia -- Vahram Voskanian, the world's 7 billionth baby born on 31Oct2011 in Artik | Photo by

Vahram Voskanian was born 20 minutes past midnight in Artik’s Mother and Child Care Center in Northern Armenia. The Armenian office of the UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund recognized him as Armenia’s symbolic 7 billionth child.
Artik was chosen as the symbolic location, because that’s were least amount of babies are born compared to other regions of Armenia. Also, the Artik Mother and Child care center is one of the worst equipped.
The child was given a special certificate, UN promised to take care of some of his urgent needs. The UN office in Armenia also presented the hospital with an echoscope.
Little Vahram’s father – Garik Voskanian was not able to see his first-born child today, as he is a migrant worker in Moscow and the little boy was born prematurely – he’s only 7 months old. Relatives have said the father of the 7 billionth child is on his way and will hug his son soon.
Meanwhile, countries around the world marked the world’s population reaching 7 billion today holding ceremonies mark the milestone, with a series of symbolic seventh-billion babies being born.
The United Nations says that by its best estimates, the world population will reach 7 billion somewhere on October 31, but it has said it will not designate a single newborn as the seventh-billion baby.

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  1. 7B is a very rough estimate as there is really no way to know how many ppl are on this planet. could be 6.5 could be over 7
    anyway, I say to that precious priceless ARmenian child…jaaaaaaan, I kiss you on your Hayqakan forehead. we need to populate Hayastan MORE. the only downfall of doing that is…as we populate our homeland more, we will see more & more of our Hayrenakicner suffer in poverty
    so, really I dont know if its a good or bad thing to populate our homeland more & more. I’ve always said that our population in our homeland needs to severely swell to a number that can be sustained properly. more of our ppl leave every day, some permanent, some temporary for work (i.e. Vahramik’s father working in moskva). what we need is for our fellow Hays to return home with the education, skills, and work ethics that they picked up in their host countries and apply those skills to Hayastan.
    can you imagine if 1M+ of our fellow Hays all returned permanently in 1yr? of course that would be great, but then again the demand for supplies would increase which leads to price inflation across the board. I can only imagine real estate prices would increase by 50% at the minimum. the average $40-50k Yerevan apt would jump to $75-100k hangist. the average $ 1-2sandwich sold in a small cafe/grocery store would be selling for $3-5
    anyway, I would like some constructive feedback from serious debaters

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  3. I wonder if the 7 billionth kid in the US was named “Seven”, or if any of the 7 billionth kid in the UN member countries was named their equivalent of Seven.

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