Armenia Beats Macedonia 4:1 in Euro 2012 Qualifier

Watching Armenia - Macedonia match on an LCD projector screen in Tbilisi
Georgia -- Watching Armenia - Macedonia "Euro 2012" qualifier match in a hotel room, Tbilisi, 07Oct2012

There were no Russian or Armenian (nor Macedonian) channels on the hotel’s list of channels in Tbilisi. So we were moving around with lost and troubled faces since Tuesday. “Where are we going to watch the match?” was everyone’s question when coming across in the hotel lobby in our free time.
We checked a couple of nearby restaurants and cafes, a couple of betting offices and discovered – the only way we can watch the match is the internet.
Our setup was simple – an LCD projector connected to my laptop in a large room so we can watch it together and not overload hotel’s shaky internet connection.
A few minutes after the match started, we finally understood, that Armenian Public TV’s live broadcast is impossible to watch – it was probably having to cope with large internet traffic and was pausing all the time to buffer.
Football match Armenia - Macedonia on a laptop screen next to a projectorWe saw the first “Goooool” of the Armenian team on an Arabic channel. The commentator was probably very good – he was saying about a 1000 words per minute in Arabic and we couldn’t understand a thing.
Meanwhile, heated debates on Twitter about where to watch led us to the pre-compiled list of online broadcasters of the game on and a couple of Russian options, e.g. this. We had scored the 2nd goal by then.
When we scored the 3rd goal on the second half, we were already sure – Macedonia can go home… and when we got 4th… that was real “Sksela“!!!
I’m not a big fan of football, but this particular Armenian National Team will probably turn me into a dedicated fan! Go Armenia!
PS: The best part of watching this match was of course sharing the fun with Twitter friends. My Tweeps, you’re amazing!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. if you are a Hayaser, you should love and support the national team
    on camel arab channel? and you could’nt understand a word?
    hmmm…could it be because you are NOT camel arab
    he he I bet the gor-gors will hate that one
    anyway, I’m thrilled to know they won. apren mer Hayer
    I support our national futbol team wholeheartedly
    regardless if win or lose, we must support each other
    we must always unite and support each other in positiveness

  2. go Armenia greatest nation in the world most ancient and wise

    1. Jaaaaaaaaaaaan !!!!!!

  3. I wish I was there during all this past 20 days from 20th anniversary celebrations to this pre-game celebrations and today 10/10/2011 is Yerevan’s birthday
    and to all those (you know who I’m referring to) who attack us and say those dirty stancis are not Hayasers, they are rusasers, turkasers or whatever-asers that you accuse us of being. well the video below proves you 100% WRONG and that we stancis are the real deal HAYs, we are the real deal HAYasers, and there’s nothing you can say to prove us wrong u verj.
    so long as there are videos uploaded on YT, it serves as evidence for facts about our TRUE enemies and proves “them” wrong about their ridiculous made-up propaganda accusations&claims towards us Hays
    it doesn’t get any more HAYaser then this……..

  4. B.S call by the ref. Clearly it was a handball by Ireland, not Armenia. Goalkeeper was out of the box and using his chest, not his hands. Ireland player was the one who used his hand to control the long pass. The ref cost us the game by putting us down 1 man in the 25th min of the game. This is why I hate soccer, referees always mess up matches.
    You can clearly see the F’ up on the link below.

  5. Also, a picture that he did not touch the ball with his hands.

  6. So far Civilnet has best video coverage from the streets
    Sorry Observer jan, I dont mean to knock your
    I understand you are partial to your employer
    WoW, I wish an ARmenian girl will kiss & love me like that and want to marry me during such joyus Hayqakan celebrations 🙁

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