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  1. aysqan shutov?
    usually falls in mid Dec, no?
    jaaaaaaan mer Yerevan, mer Hayastan covered in white
    I love it, its like winter wonderland 🙂
    anyway today is the special day for the joint venture “gor-gor/mafiya” fund to be on tv and collect their ten’s of MILLIONS of dollars to hand out as “bonuses” to each other for piossing on Hayastan and keeping her ppl oppressed & depressed. as usual nor I and/or anyone in my family has never given 1 red cent and WE NEVER WILL 🙂 we are very proud not to contribute to the secretive destruction of Hayastan. we know dam well where that money goes to (pockets of gor-gor & mafiya). therefore, I encourage all real ARmenians & Hayasers alike….DONT GIVE OUR ENEMIES 1 DOLLAR, DON’T HELP THEM TO DESTROY US EVEN MORE. there is such a thing as friendly-enemy (aka: frienemy) who pretend to be friendly, but with very evil enemy like intentions
    LONG LIVE THE ARmenian NATION and HER PPL…u verj 🙂

  2. Observer jan,
    I really admire your blog and your journalistic efforts.
    But I must say, when you publish the comments of this sick person (and I REALLY mean SICK cause I received an e-mail from him and I was stunned how much filth and psychotic hatred can befilled in a person), I think by allowing such low grade comments on your blog, it is downgrading the overall integrity of your efforts, specially for a reader who is new to the page anddoes not know there is psycho on board.
    Well, it is your blog after all, and you are free to act however you consider appropriate, but i must say such a decent blog without the psychotic comments will attract a much wider and serious audience, because it is truly one of the rare sites that one can get an “observer” and neutral insight into Armenian affairs.
    All the best, and thumbs up for your work.

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