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  1. the usa….LMFAO
    the ghetto scum africa….LMFAO even more
    as for us…VERY PISSED OFF u verj !!!!!!!!
    I’m insulted because its the reality of us
    we have become a nation of god dam rrabiz mabiz bullsh**
    we need to wake up and get our sh*t together
    we must be able to compete and work with the other smart & developing nations
    akh im Hayastan, sometimes my head hurts from thinking about you so much. I wish you would change for the better, plz in my lifetime ha!…so I can die a happy Hay

  2. ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser – You want Armenia change for the better! What are you doing for it? LIVE as a happy HAY instead of dying!!!!

    1. damn, Tigran you are so right!
      And I am so ashamed to see this post, I have very good african friends…this is simply insulting, I just want every african seeing this know – this is not what all Armenians think of them.

      1. I did not post it, because I endorse this – I posted it, because happened to come accross it.
        But you’re right – I was only looking at the Armenians and seemed to ignore how stupid the picture is in fact. So, perhaps, I should delete this post? What do you think?
        Apart from everything else, it goes against my blog’s ethics code, so I would like to offer an excuse to your and my African friends and everybody else who’d feel insulted. This is just a stupid caricature making fun of everyone, including Armenians to a great degree.

        1. Yeah, it probably needs to be removed as it is offensive to quite a few people.

  3. no, this is not. and the copyright on the picture makes it clear who exactly thinks that way

    1. I know you do not think this way.

  4. It is a very stupid poster. Its also offensive to many Armenians.

    1. Yes, but as Russians say – Every joke contains a bit of a joke.

  5. So many wrong things with this poster, why do we always glorify Europe as Armenians? China will surely surpass Europe in the next 50 years, and as for the African caricature: WTF? Shame!

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