5 thoughts on “Driving in Yerevan can be fun after snow

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    Anush - 23.12.2011

    es inch mazi vra paxcrec :)))))))))))

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      Observer - 23.12.2011

      ԱՊՊԱ-ի աչքը լույս :))

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    svejk-am - 23.12.2011

    Look at the idiot in the white Lada (seems to be a taxi) , instead of keeping as much distance as possible it is almost nose- to nose /tail pushing the car in trouble. Complete lack of healthy judgment.

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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser - 23.12.2011

    ay ara, gizhvel en
    gizhvac mardik ch’giten sovorel kisheluc
    50 tari aveluc [email protected] kishum en
    derr minchev hima chen sovorel???
    ay mexq mer Hayer 🙁

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    Independent Armenia - 23.12.2011


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