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Armenia -- Tycoon Gagik Tsarukian gives a golden lion to ex-president Robert Kocharian, 28Dec2011

This happened yesterday. That’s all I know. Here’s another interesting photo apparently from the same event.
Armenia -- (from left to right) Ex-president Robert Kocharian, president Serzh Sargsian, prime minister Tigran Sargsian, president's chief of staff Vigen Sargsian, 28Dec2011

Erebuni, Yerevan, Armenia

By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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this is so sick! they rape the sacred environment, pollute the waters of Hayasta, villagers and miners die from various sicknesses so that Gugu carves a golden lion to Kocherian!!??
How and when is Armenia going to get rid of all these rapists?

@ Hayk,
Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.
There are definite solutions to these problems in Armenia, but many of the people are sheep (just like around the world). These people know this, so they continue with their business knowing that they can get away with it.


Same same but diffrent , they will go to history for fucking the virginity out of Armenia

A perfect gift for Kocharyan, he is very fond of dead lions.
Is that a diamond neckless around lion’s neck?
Poor devils. They are as rabiz as they were born .Even billions cant buy some taste and appreciation for arts and fiinness.

I must say that golden lion is gorgeous! As for any change happening, the’s the youth who are gonna create the new government… it WILL happen, only the time is yet to be determined and that depends on us 😉

Dodi Gago’s peculiar talent is to find something absolutely tasteless, yet at the same time mind-blowingly extravagant and so spectacular that you cannot forget it (see his pink and lavender silk shirts). Too bad about those peasants, though.

By the way – here’s what these photos are about: reports that President Serzh Sarkisian and former President Robert Kocharian honored on Wednesday the best Armenian athletes of 2011 at a ceremony organized by Gagik Tsarukian, the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) leader and the chairman of the National Olympic Committee. “It’s been a while since Robert Kocharian participated in a public event,” notes the online journal. “He did not attend even the ceremonies marking the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, ostensibly because of his absence from the republic. What made Kocharian to kind of come out of the shadow and attend Wednesday’s ceremony?”

Jut show how big the gap is when it comes to intelligent in the elite in Armenian ? In Europe , the elite give to one another books or ancient manuscripts or painting of cultural value and in Armenian the Elite give big stupid golden Tiger as present to one another ,,,what a bunch of retards ??

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