Armenian Police Will Have New Uniforms

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The uniforms presented yesterday have caused a stir in the Armenian segment of the Internet. Some have even come up with humorous representations like this one.


14 thoughts on “Armenian Police Will Have New Uniforms

  1. Instead of Westernizing, Armenia is moving more inside Asia. These would be very fitting – to a casual observer, it will be unclear if they are in Yerevan or some Arab country.

    They could have modeled the uniforms after New York or UK bobbies but that’s something the decision makers are not exposed to.

    • What is the issue about Westernizing? For your info, Armenia is an Asian country, our culture is closer to the Middle East and the heavily Middle Eastern(Turkish)-influenced Balkans than we are to Europe.

      If people likes Westernization, which I like to call “Cultural Suicide”, then they can move the increasingly Eurofascist European Union. Armenia is Armenia, it is an Asian country with Middle Eastern culture, and we should be proud of our true roots. If the Western-lovers and Euro fans would like to be like the Georgians and pretty much sell our country in order to be considered Westerners, then go ahead. Being Western or Eastern these days is just a matter of who’s colony you are; a Russian or American colony.

      The West does not want us anyways, look at Europe they have to deal with their “Asians” already (Romanians, Bulgarians, former Yugoslavs), and their far south Asians (the Greeks) are screwing up their game.

      I sincerely prefer to dance Kochari than listening to Beethoven, if you know what I mean.

        • No, I live in Latin America, in one of its poorest countries actually.

          By higher values you mean democratic values, or human values? I agree there’s more democracy and the rule of law actually works in Europe, Armenia could use some of that. But the degradation of human dignity and decency that comes along with Westernization, that’s something I don’t agree.

          • yes human and social values. I find the term Westernisation too broad and incorrect. the countries in western Europe are very diverse. It can’t be treated as one entity with one and single policy and way of life. being a member of NATO and EU still doesn’t mean that they share the same values in all aspects of life. For example I find that France and Armenia have more similarities than France and USA.
            I have seen more dignity and decency in Germans than anywhere else I have been.

  2. Uniforms look OK except I don’t like the light blue color one mixed with a dark color. It does not look “police-ish” enough. I don’t know if they have a reason for this, but I think it should be all dark colors.

  3. It is horrible. Other than not fitting well to the model it looks like Musolini militia uniform. Too many patches, bad material and horrible tailorship.

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