The Unborn Daughters of Armenia

“The girl’s name would be Naneh. A sweet name for a girl,” Armineh Gabrielyan says. The girl, who was never born. Armineh was forced to make an abortion.
“I still remember my girl’s every movement, I remember her every heartbeat, her – inside me. I still love her” she says (Armineh Gabrielyan’s name has been changed to protect her privacy).
Mane, Ani, Elen, Lilit, Narine, Astghik, Mary… these are all popular Armenian female names. Names of daughters, who were never born.
Armineh was 22, when she graduated from university and got married.
‘’After a month, I learnt that I’m pregnant’’, Armineh says. “When my husband and his family learnt that it was going to be a girl, they made me kill my baby.”
Armineh cannot have babies anymore, because of the abortion. Now in her thirties, Armeneh’s eyes get wet and hands tremble as she tells the story.
According to Armenia’s National Statistics Service (NSS) the number of abortions varied between 12 to 14 thousands from 2008-2010. While there is no official data on how many of the aborted children are female, latest data released by Karine Kuyumjyan, Head of Census and Demography Division at NSS, 43 thousand 447 children where born in 2011, of which more than 23 thousand 160 were boys, while the number of girls was a 20 thousand 487.
The experts warn, that such a difference in number accounts for female abortions.
“Traditionally, Armenians have the expectation, that the first child of the family must be a boy,” cultural anthropologist Ani Asatryan says.”Boys were considered the “labor force”, while girls were a liability, as the family had to provide dowry to get her married,” she goes on to explain.
According to the anthropologist, this trend is widespread in patriarchal societies, where the head of the family is the father. It is widely believed, that the male is the one to continue the generation.
As technology to to detect baby’s gender becomes more accessible, the stereotypes prevalent in the society turn deadly for the female fetuses, causing alarm among human rights organizations, highlighting a deeper trend of discrimination against women in the society.
“The very moment when people ask whether it is a girl or a boy, discrimination and violence starts,” Anna Nikoghosyan, the representative of the non-governmental organization “Society Without Violence” told us during a protest action they staged on December 3, 2011 to protest discrimination in the Armenian society.
“I wasn’t born, because I was a girl,” one of the posters held by protesters said. ”I want to live without fear!” another one ran.
“RA Law on Ensuring Equal Rights for Women and Men” has been introduced in the Armenian National Assembly last month.
The author of the bill Filaret Berikyan told the journalists in a press conference on January 25th, the it is necessary to define concrete measures against discrimination, as defined by the Armenian constitution and international agreements.
Armenia has ratified the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in the Republic of Armenia entered into force in 1981.
A victim of tradition and discrimination, Armineh voices her discontent. “I lived with my baby for 3 months. I cherished the thought how I will raise her, take her to school, to a dance studio… Never do that [abortion]. Never! You will always regret it. A baby is a gift, no matter girl or boy.”

Written as part of the training program in “Youth in the 21st Century Debating and Producing Media-Armenia 2012” camp by Mary Sargsyan, Mariam Mkrtchyan, Ofa Tovmasyan, Mary Zohrabyan, Lala Artsruni

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. There’s also a video made based on this story, again by the same group.

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  3. The same thing happens in China. The urban people are allowed 1 child, the rural people are allowed 2 children. Since the boys are more valued in the society, female fetuses are often aborted.
    The end result is an imbalance of genders.

    1. Armenia’s had an imbalance until now as well. It was the running joke that for every single guy, there are 3-4 girls and every man could create a harem and still have women left over in Armenia. I know it struck my whole family as strange the first time we visited Armenia, because everyone we came across had girls. We all laughed that Armenians in Armenia don’t have the secret formula to make men. the tables have turned around now, but I’m not sure what caused the change. There are still a large number of girls and they do outnumber the boys it seems, though I don’t know the latest official statistics.

      1. I suspect that the abortion of female fetuses has a lot to do with the change.

        1. why though? when they didn’t have that problem less than 10 years ago…

          1. Ten years ago access to echoscopy used to detect the unborn child’s gender, was much less accessible, not all medical institutions had it and it was expensive.

      2. The males go to work abroad hence the imbalance in the society. I was expecting that the females would become much more prominent like they did in Rwanda after the genocide. During the Rwandan genocide the main targets for murder were males (the females were mainly targeted for rape).
        But despite being outnumbered, Armenia is still a male dominated society.

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    One of the bigger problems in Armenia at the moment…

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  6. Why the hell would you abort in a society where the rate of births are already low compared to our enemies? We’re forcefully decreasing our population, I am speechless. Conceptions should change, mentalities also, something needs to be done or else we won’t be seeing a land named Armenia a hundred years from now. Shame on us!

    1. @Moses,
      I think you hit the nail on the head with the statement, “We won’t be seeing a land named Armenia a hundred years from now.”

    2. @Moses exactly! Armenians did 12-14,000 abortions every year since 2009, while the average birthrate in the same period was 40-45,000. So it seems like we’re killing 20-25% of our children!!! Can you imagine!?

      1. Wow, 20-25% percent of our future is being aborted every year. Coupled with the thousands that leave Armenia, our population is declining.
        Do you know what the rough estimate is of the people leaving Armenia every year? I don’t know what the real #’s are. Also, I think Charles Aznavour was right when he said Armenia suffers internal Genocide.

        1. @Garo – I’m just working on a post related to population and demography. Give me a day or two.

  7. Art, can you please put a maximum allowed chars number to your comments? This Hayaser’s flood kick to me to eyes.

    1. :)) Mik jan, I got freedom of speech here on this blog, with all the related consequences. Even commenting policy doesn’t help

  8. PPL, this was a very sad and thoughtful article. However, Andranik’s comment and the follow up discussion turned it into sheer mockery.
    This has frustrated me and forced to modify my “comments and moderation policy.” I have added the following new rule:
    “Unrelated comments will be deleted, unless I really like them and decide to leave them in.”

  9. Banning abortion is not going to be a solution. If that is seen as a method for birth control then there are more traumatic methods such as medicine to prevent pregnancy. But in any case, if the woman does not want the fetus, they are going to abort the pregnancy. If you ban it, they will resort to non-clinical methods which will be far more damaging to their health.

    1. I totally agree with you there.
      A better way to approach the problem would be:
      1. More state support / allowances to mothers;
      2. Public advocacy campaigns against the abortion, especially that of female-childs

    2. There is a mistake in my earlier comment. It should read “there are LESS traumatic methods such as medicine to prevent pregnancy”.

  10. We need to spread the idea that life begins at conception and aborting babies by any means is near the act of committing murder. For me abortion (especially in Armenia) must be illegal, especially given that “gender selection” is going on, which I find repulsive. I think having a male baby is wonderful but having a female baby is even more wonderful. Yet there is still an idea that I struggle with and that is whether there are a few cases that maybe abortion should be allowed, perhaps rape (or something worse).

  11. Abortion is good for society.
    And unborns were fetuses, not babies.
    And nobody has to decide except the parents.
    If somebody worried she can setup a child production factory, but she has to remember that being born in not enough. One does not become a human being by just being born. He has needs, and we need him to be educated, and to have those needs satisfied. Otherwise it is more bad for the society than good.
    Freakonomics has a very important part on abortion.
    I don’t want those babies to be born. One of them could kill me in the night when I get back from work, another one could steal my phone, another one – rape my girl.
    No, thanks.

    1. Abortion may be good for a country like China, but a catastrophe for a country like Armenia.
      And if one accepts the fact that an unborn has life when he/she is conceived, then a “fetus” is every bit a human being at one day old as he/she is newborn. I am talking about real-life outcomes, not technical terminology.

  12. Also, numbers tell me the other thing: that’s not about unborn fetuses, that’s about not very literate people who don’t know how to make sex and not become pregnant when it is not really necessary to them.
    What can we really do about it is education.

  13. Just when I thought things like these only happened in Afghanistan and India.
    Dear men of our country, sincerely, stop being a chauvinistic male bunch of imbeciles who think you are good enough to abuse, humiliate, and destroy the lives of women. Dear women of our nation, stop being a powerless group of victimized females who cannot say no to the pressure of the men who say they love you, but who’ve got no problem in forcing you to irreversibly hurt yourself and then trash you like one trashes a plastic bag.
    When will men understand is their chromosomes the ones who determine the sex of the child? When will women understand and learn to values themselves?

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