The Beautified Project – Kilikia

I have been following “The Beautified Project” band for several years now and either my musical tastes have evolved, or the band has changed, but I’m growing increasingly more fond of their sound. The song, Kilikia, in their interpretation is just great and so I decided to take the chance and publish some info about them on this blog. Continue reading


The Genocide Photographer

Prominent Armenian film director Tigran Khzmalian’s film “The Genocide Photographer” tells about Armin Theophil Wegner, a witness to the Armenian Genocide whose photographs documented one of the greatest crimes against humanity committed in the past century.

Traditional Armenian Costumes

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BSW-AM blog has posted these wonderful photographs of traditional Armenian costumes. The blog also informs, that photos are collected by Ilya Vartanyan, who is soon going to publish a book with these photos as well as many others, depicting Armenian traditional dresses. A very welcome publication, I daresay. Will be waiting for it impatiently.

Comparative Chart of Campaign Donations Received by Each Party

While it was evident, that the ruling Republican party would get the biggest amount of donations, it is rather surprising to see, that “Zharangutyun” (Heritage) party, which is currently the smallest opposition party in the National Assembly, comes second by the amount of donations received, surpessing even “Bargavach Hayastan” (Prosperous Armenia) party lead by Armenia’s richest tycoon Gagik Tsarukian.

This is one of those cases when numbers talk.

# Political party or coalition Donations in AMD
1 Prosperous Armenia 54000000
2 Heritage 72797400
3 Armenian National Congress 4599000
4 Democratic Party 255000
5 Communist Party 1400000
6 Republican Party 77876780
7 Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) 23148000
8 United Armenian 490000
9 Rule of Law 22613400