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    1. I’m curious as to why a reblog comment has 2 negative ratings… LOL
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      1. I’m sure it is one of my blog’s secret fans, who is putting negative ratings to every type of comment/reblog I get, because s/he is banned from commenting on this blog.

        1. lights on.. no one’s home… really, some people need to pick up a new hobby

      2. I noticed all the thumbs down too.
        It must be that confused anti-gor gor who is named after a gor-gor hero.

  1. There are some factual mistakes and illogical parts in the narration. e.g. Functuial:
    Greece became independent from Ottoman empire in 1828, Balkan countries became independent 50 years ago in Congress of Berlin. Benz patented his petrol engine about 60 years later after Greek independence.
    Although the Berlin-Baghdad railway may be added to the cuases ofWW1 however there is no logical direct link between Armenian Gencide and the constraction of the railway. Ok, the railway was used to transport people and may be a factor for the WW1 but I cant unserstand that how killing Armenisn would help in teh construction work. Anyway this is not a documentary work and it is pitty that usage of valuable documentary evidence is discredeted by fantasy.
    I couldnt watch till the end.

  2. 50 years ago = 50 years later

  3. […] finally, Armenian film director Tigran Khzmalian’s film “The Genocide Photographer” (in Armenian) tells about Armin Theophil Wegner, a witness to the Armenian Genocide whose […]

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