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Online News Consumption Reaches TV Levels in Armenia

Armenia — Visits to top 10 Armenian News Websites on an average day, Yerevan, 25Sep2012 | via

Comparing data from Armenian website rating engine and newly released information from “AGB Nielsen Media Research” indicates, that online news readership is catching up with TV news audiences in Armenia.
Armenian TV audiences have been dwindling since 2009. Meanwhile, with increased accessibility of cheap broadband internet, Armenian news website traffic has been growing by jumps and leaps.
Nielsen Data About Audiences of Top 10 News Programs on Armenian TV | via

Dedicated Armenian media portal published Nielsen’s findings about TV audiences in Armenia in 2011.
I wasn’t able to find 2011 data about Armenian website traffic, but using yesterday’s pretty average traffic chart from above (which is filtered to only show visits from Armenia), one can see, that audiences of Top 10 Armenian News Websites have a clearly reached the Top 10 Armenian TV News programs. We could even claim, that online news has surpassed TV, but additional data is necessary from and Nielsen to be sure.
PS: As a website editor for RFE/RL’s Armenian service (, I’m biased of course and have to confess, I’m really happy to know, that the web news business is beating TV. Way to go!

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By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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Very interesting piece Arthur jan 😉 Only one point I would like to clarify: does count only visits from Armenia? I thought it counts the visits the Armenia-registered websites get from all over the world.

[…] YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in Armenia (after Facebook and YouTube’s mothership Google) according to, so it seems, that YouTube is becoming a major competitor for the Armenian TV networks, which are already facing increased competition from online news portals. […]

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