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A Laughing-stock Hayrikian Takes Back Election Delay Claim

Armenia – Presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikian speaks to journalists after asking the Constitutional Court to postpone the February 18 presidential election by two weeks, Yerevan, 10Feb2013 | Photolur via

Armenian presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikian withdrew his appeal to the Constitutional Court to postpone the upcoming election one day after he filed the said appeal.
On Sunday, eight days after being wounded in what looks like an assassination attempt, Hayrikian applied to the Armenian Constitutional Court with a request to delay the election day by two weeks, because he claimed that the wound he had received made it impossible for him to continue his pre-election campaign.
Before applying to the Constitutional Court Hayrikian had made half a dozen contradictory statements about his plans to postpone the election day. Loudly and clearly he said several times that he won’t apply to the Court, and as many times he said he would. In fact, Hayrikian’s statements had become the main joke for the past week.
Armenia – The two men arrested on suspicion of shooting the presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikian, Yerevan, 08Feb2013.

The presidential candidate’s statements about the circumstances of the “assassination attempt” had become another cause for endless mockery by Facebook humorists… the thing is Hayrikian claimed that the assassins were from the KGB and had “slavic” facial traits, but when the police arrested the shooting suspects, they looked unbelievably Armenian.
As a result Paruyr Hayrikian, a legendary ex-soviet dissident, has lost all credibility. And it is all his fault. He is behaving like a clown, saying totally unbelievable stuff (he has been like that for as long as I can remember, admittedly, so that bit is not new), claiming he has sky-high rating with the voters, etc.
PS: I am a bit sorry for Hayrikyan. After all, he did get a bullet somehow (it is still unclear why did it get stuck in him if it was shot from such a short distance) and was operated on and seemed well positioned to become a real martyr…

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By Artur Papyan

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I just edited my post. Mostly to improve the text, but also to make the PS a little less harsh towards him…
I kind of feel sorry for the man.

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