Frank Muller brand store closure in Yerevan linked to corruption? LMFAO!

Website screenshot -- Frank Muller Watches
A media outlet known for its dirty work-style and past attempts to whitewash various corrupt officials, has come out with a theory!
“We have learned that the closure of the store is because the owners were not satisfied with the amount of trade they were having,” writes, “Expensive brands like Frank Muller enjoy demand by corrupt bureaucrats. It is only natural that in recent years it wouldn’t have such a great demand in our country, because Armenia is being partially cleaned of corruption. Sadly though, brand stores suffer as a result.”
FYI from Wikipedia: Franck Muller’s collections include a variety of designs and price ranges. Now the company has five sites (GenthodLajouxLes Bois,Plan-les-OuatesMeyrin) and 570 official retailers. The company’s estimated total sales (in 2010/2011) were €290 million in watches with an average unit price of €38,000.[1]
With such a unit price, the store would probably have about 10 buyers in Armenia, no wonder it has closed down.
PS: What kind of a twisted mind would link this store closure to reduction of corruption!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. What about Cacharel?

    1. It will close down too. We will only have YerevanCity, Glendale Hills and Harsnaqar in this country 😀

  2. Lol, I just read the original article.
    Man, slaq,am has always been against laws of physics, logic or simply common sense.

  3. Cacharel-prowerochnoe slovo- kasharel. ba inchi arajiny da chpakvec?:))

    1. 🙂
      Տրամաբանություն որ լիներ` առաջինը նախագահականն ու նախարարությունները կփակվեին :Ճ

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