Iranians Flock to Armenia to Celebrate Novruz Again

There are Iranian tourists everywhere in Yerevan these days. They’re here to celebrate Novruz. We haven’t seen so many since at least 2011. This has got to be the result of lifting international sanctions against Iran.
At any rate, I’m happy to see them here. Armenia is a very expensive tourism destination, especially for European and American tourists, because of prohibitively expansive airfares. ¬†We don’t have much to offer to Georgians, we’re in open conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan, so Iranians are the best hope we got for the tourism industry to grow.
Armenia offers the much desired freedom to Iranians and some ‘forbidden fruit’ like alcohol and night-clubs. So why not, Iranian friends, you’re welcome!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant