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Lilly Sargsyan wins 'Miss Armenia 2017' beauty contest

After a 5-year break a beauty pageant was held again in Armenia. The title of “Miss Armenia 2017” was issued to Lilly Sargsyan. The 17-year-old will represent Armenia in the Miss World 2017 contest which will be held in China in November.

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Russian-Israeli blogger defeats Azerbaijan's Karabakh blacklist

Azerbaijan’s grand experiment of scaring everyone with its blacklist and making the Russian-Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin an example has failed spectacularly. All kudo’s go to Lapshin, of course. What a guy! But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?


Independent Armenian


Armenia — A panoramic view of Yerevan, with Mt Ararat on the background and Armenia’s Coat of Arms (State Emblem) on the foreground, Yerevan, undated

They used to call me Russian Comy (Communist) in my US high school — Salinas High. It was in 1995, Armenia had been an independent country for 4 years and I was a proud citizen. Sadly, the big World Atlas on the wall of the government class didn’t know anything about the collapse of the USSR.
“Where are you from again?” was the usual question.


Serzh Sargsian's photo with Donald and Melania Trump

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan attended a reception hosted by U.S. President Donald Trump in New York for the heads of country delegations participating in the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly on September 19th.


Armenia is the world's 3rd most militarized country. Global Militarization Index

Armenia revealed it owned a set of 9K720 Iskander (SS-26 ‘Stone’) short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) in its military parade on 21 September, 2016 Source: Karen Vrtanesyan /

The ten countries that have the highest levels of militarization are Israel, Singapore, Armenia, Jordan, Russia, South Korea, Cyprus, Greece, Azerbaijan and Brunei in the Global Militarization Index.


Shots fired in central Yerevan, 1 killed, 1 wounded


Suspects of Vernissage Shooting Albert Blbulyan, Armen Karadavidov, Rafik Khachatryan

Shots were fired at a popular tourist destination in central Yerevan earlier today. The Police confirmed one dead, one wounded. Gagik Mosinian (43) passed away at the scene, Vahagn Abgarian was taken to the hospital.


Armenian Passport ranks 59th in the world by its Global Power

Side by side comparison of Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani passports on Passport Index

The Armenian passport ranks 59th by its Visa Free Rank according to the Passport Index, an interactive online tool, which collects, displays and ranks a total of 199 passports (193 United Nations member countries and 6 territories).


Who's lying about Armenia's participation in the U.S.-led military exercises held in Georgia

Georgia — The initial logo of “Agile Spirit 2017” military exercises published by the Georgian Ministry of Defense

The fact that Armenia has pulled away from taking part in the US-led military excercises in Georgia would be a minor story, if it wasn’t blown out of proportion by contradictory statements from Armenian and Georgian Defense Ministries. And now the story just won’t go away.

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Average salary in Armenia is higher than Azerbaijan, lower than Georgia

I came across this infographic on Настоящее Время, which shows average salaries in post-Soviet states in 2016-17. The data is taken from open sources, like the World Bank, etc. Interesting to see that the salaries in oil-rich Azerbaijan are lower than in Armenia, meanwhile Georgia is ahead of everyone. Below is a table extracted from the infographic, which I’ve typed up and translated into English for easy reference.

Country Salary
Estonia  $1,313.00
Latvia  $1,009.00
Lithuania  $903.00
Russia  $657.00
Kazakhstan  $432.00
Georgia  $413.00
Belarus  $402.00
Armenia  $397.00
Azerbaijan  $299.00
Moldova  $288.00
Ukraine  $263.00
Kyrgyzstan  $204.00
Turkmenistan  $198.00
Uzbekistan  $177.00
Tajikistan  $120.00

Google Trips, Flight and Destinations now Support Armenia

Google Trips, Google Flights, and Destinations on Google now support a combined 20 new languages and 26 new countries globally, including Armenia.