Sksela – OpenSpace

This new gathering of Sksela was called “OpenSpace”. About 40 young people were citing in a circle in front of the Komitas statue, the favorite location of Sksela events, and were discussing their future plans in the “open space”, for anyone to hear and join. In fact I spotted a lady who had no relation […]

HENQ – one more youth initiative

The youth initiative – HENQ, abbreviation from their longer Armenian name “New Young Citizens of Armenia” started their second action in Yerevan today – gathering in front of Tumanyan House-Museum at 18:30, the group of about 10 students divided the tasks among themselves and got going. The action, called “Vonts, chuneq?” (“You don’t have it?”), […]

Arsen Kharatyan Beaten

Arsen Kharatyan, one of the leaders of the Sksela and Hima youth movements was beaten today.   His sister, Lusine, says that someone phoned Arsen to arrange an interview. However, when Arsen Kharatyan reached the location for the interview there was no one. Nevertheless, he decided to wait and someone hit him from behind before proceeding to beat him. […]

More then a dozen people arrested in Northern Avenue

The “political walks” taking place in Yerevan’s Northern Avenue are followed by arrests every day. Today more then a dozen citizens were arrested. The video above shows a woman crying and telling the police, that she had come there with her husband with no “political” intent – just to walk, to which police respond, that […]

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