Political Alliances 2007

Uzogh recognizes familiar notes as Armenian political parties “sell” their Alliance stock around.


Armenians belive corruption has increased

Almost two in three Armenians believe that corruption in their country has increased in recent years despite declared government efforts to combat it, according to new research made public on Wednesday, as we can see from the updates in the comment section to this post by Onnik Krikoryan.
RHYNE at the Armenia Blog also talks of the issue, adding a degree of bitter sarcasm and a joke:

It couldn’t be love, peace, happiness, or food for the needy. No! It had to be corruption.

The majority of interviewees (64.0%) believe that the level of corruption has increased during the last three years.
While prioritizing the solutions to improve the current situation, 89.0% of the respondents pointed to a necessity of ensuring free and fair elections. They also referred to strengthening law enforcement (93.9%) and punishment of those involved in corruption (91.9%) as a key to the success of reducing corruption in the country.