Dangerous Levels of Pollutants Recorded in Yerevan's Air

Traffic in Khanjyan street, HETQ photo
One of the hardest hit areas is downtown Yerevan; Khanjian Street in particular. Here, the highest carbon monoxide (CO) readings are registered between 4a.m. and midnight.

I live in a suburb of Yerevan’s southern Erebuni district and am lucky to have some trees and a green yard around, but when driving to work, somewhere in the area of Erebuni fortress I always feel how the air quality sharply changes and hits my lungs. It takes a while to adjust. Continue reading “Dangerous Levels of Pollutants Recorded in Yerevan's Air”

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Charles Aznavour Gets a Holywood Star

French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour gets a Hollywood star

Our compatriot and great maestro Charles Aznavour got a Holywood star today.
“I am French and Armenian, to separate both is impossible like if you put the milk in coffee, you can’t separate them…” Aznavour said in his speech during his star opening ceremony. “And it’s fantastic to be able to have two different cultures working for you, if you want to do something. That’s what I did!”
Continue reading “French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour gets a Hollywood star”

Armenians Have The Strongest Opinions on Moral Issues in Eastern Europe

I came across this interesting info-graphic by RFE/RL on social views and morality in the Eastern European countries. What I found most startling, however, was just how unanimous are the views in Armenia: 96% disapprove drug use and prostitution, 98% disapprove homosexuality, 79% disapprove premarital sex. This is perhaps the result of having such a homogeneous society, 98.1% of the population are ethnic Armenians according to the latest population census.
Understandably, this creates a situation, where dissent is not tolerated. I remember the struggles I had in the 90’s, when I had long hair and a beard in highly conservative Gyumri. Luckily, this has changed a great deal now and men having long hair and beards are not fawned upon so badly anymore. Still, this info-graphic is truly disturbing to me, because it reveals lack of diversity and tolerance in the society.
Infographic on what people find morally wrong in Eastern Europe

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