Armenia's Iveta Mukuchyan Takes Karabakh Flag All The Way to Eurovision Finals

Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan had a pretty good performance last night at the Eurovision 2016 international song contest, which helped Armenia qualify for the finals, where Iveta will be performing along with representatives of other semi-final winners:  Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, The Netherlands and Russia. Continue reading “Armenia's Iveta Mukuchyan Takes Karabakh Flag All The Way to Eurovision Finals”

Syrian-Armenian Refugees Send this Videomessage on Genocide Remembrance Day

My very good friends, a group of young Syrian-Armenians, who have found refuge in Armenia from Syria’s raging civil war, have made this remarkable video message today, which I want to share with you.

A message to those who tried to scratch our chapter from the book of human existence.
We, the descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors, are and will be the protectors of our identity and cultural heritage.
With a spark in our eyes, we stand up.
We speak up and hold our heads up!
Today, we carry the torch of our nation and prove to the world that we are unbreakable.
By: Houry Pilibbossian ,Khachig Ainteblian ,Puzant Keshishian ,Galin Dishoyan and Hena Aposhian

Paylan Raises the Armenian Genocide Issue in Turkish Parliament

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Garo Paylan, a Turkish Parliament deputy representing the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) made an unprecedented speech in the Turkish parliament. Paylan suggested to form a commission to investigate the killings of Armenian deputies in the Ottoman parliament in 1915. He then cited the names of the murdered Ottoman Armenian parliamentarians and showed their photos and concluded his words in Armenian: “Աստված իրենց հոգին լուսավորի.”
This effectively means raising the Armenian Genocide issue in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which was certainly a very brave step to take in today’s Turkey. So bravo Garo Paylan, for your courage and for speaking up!

Protesters Throw Eggs at Russian Embassy in Yerevan

Russia has been shuffling Armenia and Azerbaijan as a pack of old cards for its interests. It took hundreds of lost lives until at least some people in Armenia started to understand this. Today this understanding took concrete shape and form as hundreds of people rallied in Yerevan against Russian sale of arms to Azerbaijan as well as Russia’s treacherous stance towards Armenia. Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Protesters Throw Eggs at Russian Embassy in Yerevan"</span>

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