Armenians Have The Strongest Opinions on Moral Issues in Eastern Europe

I came across this interesting info-graphic by RFE/RL on social views and morality in the Eastern European countries. What I found most startling, however, was just how unanimous are the views in Armenia: 96% disapprove drug use and prostitution, 98% disapprove homosexuality, 79% disapprove premarital sex. This is perhaps the result of having such a homogeneous society, 98.1% of the population are ethnic Armenians according to the latest population census.

Understandably, this creates a situation, where dissent is not tolerated. I remember the struggles I had in the 90’s, when I had long hair and a beard in highly conservative Gyumri. Luckily, this has changed a great deal now and men having long hair and beards are not fawned upon so badly anymore. Still, this info-graphic is truly disturbing to me, because it reveals lack of diversity and tolerance in the society.

Infographic on what people find morally wrong in Eastern Europe


National Geographic portrayed Armenians as “respected artisans, scientists, and energetic merchants”

Old National Geographics map describing the people of the Soviet Union

Old National Geographics map describing the people of the Soviet Union

I came across this fascinating map (link to full-sized map) of the “People’s of the Soviet Union”, published by the National Geographic Magazine in February 1976, which offers a unique view into what the West thought of us, the Soviet’s at that time (and I wasn’t even born then). Continue reading