Civil Initiative From Yerevan Supports Gala TV Rally in Gyumri

With the initiative of Sksela youth movement and support of Center for Regional Development / Transparency Armenia, a group of 34 journalists and civil society activists, including representatives of Sksela youth movement, CRD / TI, Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression, Yerevan Press Club, Helsinki Citizens Assembly – Yerevan, PanArmenian Association of Women visited Gyumri […]

Let's apply

Attention, on May 3rd and 4th, from 10:00 to 13:00 the “Let’s apply” action will be organized by Sksela youth initiative. Task: to mail-bomb the City Hall with applications, which they must reply to during 1 working day. Reason for organizing the action: during the past two weeks various members of the Sksela youth initiative […]

Predictable politics and apathetic youth

A lot of things happening in the political landscape of Armenia are anticipated and predictable “by journalists and people on the street alike”, Notes from Hairenik speculates, building up his speculations around the fact, that this predictability in the Armenian politics leads to apathy, as people do not see their vote as a decisive factor […]

Sksel a – Demonstration cut short…

Anoush Armenia talks about the Sunday’s Sksela/Transparency organized demonstration, noting that “a few blocks short of reaching the Mayor’s office (the final destination of the petition which was signed by hundreds), the march was cut short as the following, highly unexpected, news…” of Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan’s death became known. Here are some extracts from […]

Southern Avenue Protest

Via CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007: […]Following on from last weekend’s Flash Mob, the Center for Regional Development / Transparency International Armenia will be staging an action in cooperation with Sksel a. On Sunday, March 25, 2007, Center for Regional Development/Transparency International Armenia, in cooperation with “Sksel a” initiative group, is organizing a […]

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