Easy Money: Implications of Armenia’s Recent Sovereign Bond Issuance

There are a lot of reasons why Armenia’s issue of its first sovereign bond issue was a bad idea. Policy Forum Armenia has published an interesting analysis, listing a total of 6 reasons. Continue reading


Sitting on the nuke, waiting for disaster

Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor

Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor

As more bad news emerge about Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which was hit by last month’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, I become increasingly uneasy about Armenia’s Soviet-built Metsamor plant.

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Young crook fools high-ranking Armenian officials

Artur Poghosyan in what he claims to be "U.S. Astranaut uniform"

A young crook, claiming to be a great scientist and a member of a NASA space mission, has embarrassed the hell out of high-ranking Armenian officials, using a couple of badly fabricated documents and taking advantage of the atmosphere of total ignorance in the Armenian government. Continue reading