Wind of Change

As I reflect on these last moments of 2019… as we head into 2020 and the next decade… I look into the future full of uncertainty and promise

Uncertainty, because last month I left the Armenian service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (

Promise, because I have a world of opportunities and plans, one of which is my return to the civil society sector as the country representative of Media Diversity Institute and the launch of the IT help-desk project for journalists and human rights defenders.

I also should have more time and freedom to blog and podcast.

And while I will miss my wonderful team at, leaving it was my decision and I have no regrets!

So here we go! Farewell 2019, welcome 2020!



I’m getting old or tired or both…
It is becoming increasingly harder for me to keep up with the crazy tempo of work (I’m dedicating full 24/7 to, allocating time to the family, friends and keep blogging daily.
This blog has been a place for me to spend some free time and experiment with my writing and amaturish ideas about politics.
It has never been an obligation. But as the number of blog’s visitors continues to increase (getting 2-3000 visitors per day on average last month), I somehow feel guilty for not posting something fresh every day. And that guilt kills me.
So I decided to say sorry today and promise to start blogging every day again starting from Monday.