One More Dirty DVD in Circulation

I just watched a DVD put in circulation against Levon Ter-Petrossian – with mixed feelings, but the end result was that of disgust. The DVD containing 3 parts:

  1. First part contains an utterly disgusting material – made up of total crap! The material claims that Levon Ter-Petrossian’s father was a KGB agent and used to be called Traitor Hakob in Syria, and that his grandfather was a Village Mayor in Musa Ler who was constantly cooperating with  Turks. It further claims, that Ter-Petrossian’s real father is a wealthy Turk, and not the above mentioned Traitor Hakob and a lot more crap in the same key. The unofficial “Armenian Nationalist Youth Movement” assumes responsibility for the material. I can add – that this is perhaps the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in this campaign so far – really utterly disgusting.
  2. The second part consists of  some of the materials published on Uzogh’s blog several days ago. I must say, that the sections Uzogh has published on his blog are quite ok – in fact, I find it useful to remind everybody, what crimes have been committed against the Armenian nation with silent consent, or perhaps, even direct order of now presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian. I find it horrible, that this man – Ter-Petrossian is continuously remembering Vano Siradeghyan, with fond words and calling him a great writer.
  3. The third part has someone calling himself a former KGB agent, who claims, that October 27 was organized by Levon Ter-Petrossian – this one is just so out of the way, that I couldn’t keep my laughter.

This DVD is apparently being distributed in response to the DVD containing compromising material against Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan, that the LTP supporters have been giving out since October 2007. At any rate, I find this one, and the material in the First Part as described above totally morally wrong… going any futher in describing the creators would make me use improper wording, so I’ll stop. Let me just add, that although the materials on the DVD contain stuff from sources like AR TV, A1+, etc., I have reasons to believe, that it was edited and produced at Yerkir-Media studio. Adding to that the unofficial “Armenian Nationalist Youth Movement” – which sounds pretty Dashnak to me – has made me so utterly disappointed in my favorite ARF-Dashnaktsutyun, that I am now totally lost. This is just not a way to do a proper campaign!

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Levon Ter-Petrossian Ahead of Everybody Again, with an Above-Average Political Manifesto

On January 6, 2008 RA Presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian published his political manifesto, thus becoming the first candidate running for the 2008 February Presidential elections to publish his program. Let me remind everybody, that at this point the leading Republican candidate Serge Sargsyan has only clarified his motto, which will be “Forward, Armenia”, and Dashnaktsutyun have started a PR campaign with fictional “contracts” being signed with citizens (68,000 of which, according to RFE/RL have already been signed with citizens), containing some basic programmatic directives.
Coming back to the pioneering candidate – LTP’s program, as Nazarian kindly informed everybody, “You can read it all at the official website for “Levon for president” campaign. The unofficial site also has a PDF version of it.”

Armenia Politics

The Registration of Candidates Completed

Akanates has reported, that the registration process for candidates has been completed. The head of “Heiritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan and Aram Karapetyan of the “New Times” party have not been able to register as they have been denied a statement from the CEC about Armenian residency in the past 10 years. Hence, the following candidates have been registered so far:

  1.  Vazgen Manukyan (National Democratic Union)
  2. Artur Baghdasaryan (Country of Law)
  3. Tigran Karapetyan (People’s Party)
  4. Vahan Hovhannisyan (Armenian Revolutionary Federation)
  5. Arman Melikyan (self-nomination)
  6. Levon Ter-Petrossian (self-nomination)
  7. Artashes Geghamyan (National Unity)
  8. Serzh Sargsyan (Republican Party)
  9. Aram Harutyunyan (National Accord).

According to E-channel, CEC will discuss the nominations and make a decision about their registration in the period from December 31, 2007 to January 20, 2008.
Photo by A1plus blog.