The Man Who Walked on The Moon Can’t Walk on Azerbaijan

Charles Duke Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh Demotivator by Kornelij

One of the 12 people who have walked on the moon – American astronaut Charles Duke will be included in the list of undesirable people in Azerbaijan as he “illegally visited” the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, which Azerbaijan considers its territory for some reason. Continue reading


Fresh Rise in Water Tariffs for Yerevan Consumers

The Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) approved on Tuesday a fresh hike in drinking water tariffs for consumers in Yerevan. Effective July 8th, drinking water will cost 195 drams per cubic meter, up 14 drams (4 cents) from current 181. Continue reading

How to discredit your country in 3 easy steps


Yep, you guessed right: 1. Establish a State Security Service; 2. Take part in the Eurovision and 3. Call in the fans for questioning.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show has been all over the recent Eurovision scandal with Azerbaijani Eurovision fan called in to answer for voting in favor of Armenia – Azerbaijan’s arch-rival.

I don’t claim to know much about MSNBC. Last time I was in US (in 2001), nobody really cared about what that cable TV Channel would say about Azerbaijan. However, it’s available in US and Canada… just watch the YouTube video here.

Scammers not aware of Western Union closure in Armenia?

Many Armenians received a SPAM email message today from someone called Inessa Gabayan, who claims she’s been robbed and asks for money. The ironic thing though, is that Western Union is banned in Armenia! So you see, all those efforts are in vain, dear scammers! Nobody would be able to send you anything even if they wanted to! Read my blog from time to time next time you attempt such a dumb scam :) Here’s an extract from the email:

I know it a bit strange for me to have contacted you under this situation and time, believe me because i have limited access to people and i have chosen you in time of need.

I don’t know what to do or where to go,I have access to only emails, No Phone, Please can you send me $1800 today so i can return home, As soon as i get home i would refund it immediately ,you need to help me have it sent through Western Union money Transfer because there is no account here.

PS: I hate when people write ‘i’ with a small letter and don’t put spaces after comma!!!