Stuck in the Quake

As part of RFE/RL Armenian service director Harry Tamrazian’s “Sunday Analytical” show, I had the chance to visit Gyumri last week only to find that hundreds of families are stuck there in a permanent disaster zone with no hope for any kind of change. Continue reading


International Media Coverage of Armenia from 1979 – 2014 (Infograph)

World's Media Covered Armenia the Most Between 1987–1994 (Infograph)

World’s Media Covered Armenia the Most Between 1987–1994 (Infograph), a website covering various issues related to the Armenian media, has published this excellent inforgraphic, which is drawn from the research carried out by the The Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC). The research has tried to summarize the amount and frequency of mentions of South Caucasus states in international media reports using data from the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT). Continue reading

The Quake. December 7th, 1988-2010

It seemed, as though a gigantic helicopter is trying to lift our school and take it somewhere. The sounds felt exactly like that, and the jerking and lap-dancing of the walls felt exactly like that. The teacher of Armenian asked us to stay quiet for a moment, then she opened the door of the classroom, looked out at something and told us: take hands children, and follow me.

The obedient rows of Soviet-trained children followed the teacher into the corridor and clashed into a running screaming river of children and teachers. By now everybody understood it is an earthquake. “Zhazhq e, pakheq!!!” (“It’s an earthquake, run…”) was heard from everywhere.

Cracks appeared on the walls, stones started falling. Some fell and the running crowd stampeded them… Continue reading