How Much Do Holidays Cost The Armenian Economy?

Today is the 10th straight day of holidays in Armenia. I’ve been in need of a bank for at least 5 days, not a chance! Car technicians are not working either, although I need something urgent to be fixed!
I’ve been wondering how can a poor country like Armenia afford to shut down its economy and make no money for so long.
There are some estimates, that the UK economy is losing £ 2.3 bn on each bank holiday. How much is Armenia losing? Continue reading “How Much Do Holidays Cost The Armenian Economy?”

Armenia marks the Independence day

Photolur photo via RFE/RL
Photolur photo via RFE/RL

Armenia turned 18 today. Wouldn’t be able to buy beer in U.S.A yet, but certainly entitled to a passport. This is quite a mature age for a country, and time to behave more responsibly in local and international politics. Like an adult!
Let’s wish all the best to the 18-year-old Armenia and its 18-year-old citizens, many of whom have yet to understand what statehood, citizenship and responsibility towards one’s country means.
PS: I’m buried in so much work, that it doesn’t seem like holiday or party at all. Oh well, I suppose work-work-work is part of building one’s country and helping sustain its fragile independence?

Happy Republic Day!

May 28th is the Republic Day. The first Armenian Republic was created in 1918. It was short lived, lasted only two years – but it was ours, and it was the first attempt to regain statehood after several hundred years without it. Today we live in the third Republic – and this day is also the day of this 3rd – new, but already 17 year’s old republic. Let’s be careful, so we don’t blow it as we did with the First Republic. This day is not just a holiday – it is an important reminder, of what can happen to a Republic, and of how it can be created and destroyed. Happy Republic day to all of us – Armenians!
PS: I am leaving for a training for several days, so this blog won’t be updated till next Monday. See you all then.

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