End of Armenian Zorro

Armenia’s police have announced the arrest of more than a dozen members of an alleged gang suspected of committing high-profile robberies in Yerevan earlier this year, RFE/RL reports. Continue reading


Armenian Aryans Celebrate Pagan New Year

Armenian Aryan’s celebrated the Aryan New Year and the Rebirth of Pagan god of Armenian Power and War – Vahagn at Garni pagan temple.

An interesting observation I noted in this video material, Armen Avetisyan, scandalously famous leader of Armenian Aryans comments: “An Armenian may go to Garni temple, prey for his/her [pagan] Gods, and then go to church, lights a candle.”

I find that a little controversial, since Christianity strongly denounces pagan gods, although if you ask me – Vahagn and Astghik are certainly more appealing than Jesus.

On another note, I wonder if the recent legislative initiative which bans sects, applies to the Armenian pagans?