Assasinations and blasts in Armenia continued yesterday

Photo by E-channel

Armenia looks out of control these days with blasts, shooting and assassination attempts following one another.
“2 offices of ‘Prosperous Armenia'[one of the most powerful pro-presidential political parties running for parliament in the elections on May 12, 2007] were blown up” reported Kornelij Glas(ru) about the blasts on the night of April 12, soon to be followed by more detailed posts by other bloggers: Oneworld Multimedia, Hyelog. Soon Onnik Krikoryan of Oneworld Multimedia followed up with photos from the site of bombings and more comments: Continue reading “Assasinations and blasts in Armenia continued yesterday”

Reckless drivers are being penalized

Lara from Life in Armenia is more interested in finding a political party that is genuinely interested in helping clean up the country, rather then following the election campaigns of the parties. By clean up Lara also means the reduction of road hazards for drivers and pedestrians.

In the next month, we will be inundated by political election rhetoric, but it remains to be seen whether any of the political parties will have real, authentic and practical agendas that will be valuable and tangible for the country – and whether they will be enforced after the elections. For now, I am quite pleased by the ‘slight’ improvement related to the road safety. I hope that in time and with a bit more education, the road safety will be enhanced and make this place a safer home for us all.

Studies on Strategy and Security

The book Studies on Strategy and Security has been published on internet, Kornelij Glas reports, noting, that the materials there are mostly in Armenian and Russian. “There is a lot of interesting stuff, for example, an article about Commandos in the period, when we surrendered Shaumyan and Mardakert, but you have to ask for that article separately, there are also articles by myself [by Kornelij aka Samvel Martirosyan] and Vrtanesyan Karen.”
Ahousekeeper [aka Vrtanesyan Karen] has also announced about the collection of articles “Studies on Strategy and Security” book, providing links to the media coverage of the book’s presentation.

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