Armenian pop-star Sirusho marries Ex-president's son

Wedding of Levon Kocharian and pop-singer Sirusho

The high-profile wedding of the Armenian pop-star Sirusho and ex-president Robert Kocharian’s son – Levon Kocharian, took place on June 6, 2009, in the “Ojakh” restaurant outside of Yerevan.


Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Final Results

The much talked about Eurovision song contest is finally over, Armenian Eurovision Fan blog has posted the final results. Armenia won the 4th position, which is a notable improvement from the previous two contests we took part in, with both Andre in 2006, and Hayko in 2007 getting the 8th position.

1. Russia – 272
2. Ukraine – 230
3. Greece – 218
4. Armenia – 199
5. Norway – 182
6. Serbia – 160
7. Turkey – 138
8. Azerbaijan – 132
9. Israel – 124
10. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 110
11. Georgia – 83
12. Latvia – 83
13. Portugal – 69
14. Iceland – 64
15. Denmark – 60
16. Spain – 55
17. Albania – 55
18. Sweden – 47
19. France – 47
20. Romania – 45
21. Croatia – 44
22. Finland – 35
23. Germany – 14
24. Poland – 14
25. United Kingdom – 14

Sirusho performed slightly better then she did at the semi-finals, still sounding rather poorly though. Speaking of looks – she looked hot all right – with no idiot hairdresser messing her up as in the previous performance. Now Europe knows we really have hot girls here, which is a welcome change after sending guys two years in a row. The overall results are quite satisfactory too – for a small country to occupy the 4th place among 25 European states, it is certainly an achievement. The whole Eurovision fuss is of course rather funny – it is basically a display of political affiliations of various European states and moods of people about their neighbor countries, and of who has bigger diaspora and more migrant-workers in other European states. So all this fuss about good or bad performance is basically pointless – Russia’s Dima Bilan of course is an excellent singer and had a nice show, but few can really persuade me, that he was much better then the Israel song or the Norway. (For one thing, Israel guy definitely had the best voice and singing technique of all) Seems like, as more post-Soviet countries are joining Eurovision, Russia will start winning year after year – as its politics, that drives the vote, not the song itself. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Soviet-Vision!!!


Sirusho made it to the Eurovision 2008 Final

The good news is we made it to the final, and Sirusho will be singing 5th. The bad news is – our girl was definitely in a bad shape during the first semi-final. We all know Sirusho is beautiful – so can someone please explain who on earth decided to do THAT to her hair?
Coming to the dance – she started up with two guys holding her feet, so Sirusho would lean forward – that apparently requires a lot of phisical effort – which could easily take the breath out of anyone, let alone a tender girl like her. No wonder the vocals of the song that followed afterwards were so disappointing. Moreover, with rather demanding vocals in a song, one should be careful not to move so much, so as not to run out of breath. After all the kicking-jumping that Sirusho did on the stage (which was kinda hot – I admit), it is no surprise she had difficulty catching the high notes, and was shouting all the way through the song. And I’m not alone in being disappointed with her vocals.
Anyways – there’s still time to correct the mistakes – I’m sure that changes to the dance, so that Sirusho moves less and sings more, will do the trick. And please, please – someone, FIRE the darn hairdresser!
On another note – I really like Israel, Moldova and Norway songs.


Sirusho's First Rehearsal on Eurovision Stage on YouTube

Watch the Armenian participant for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Sirusho, performing the song “Qele Qele” during her first rehearsal on the official Eurovision stage in Belgrade.
Meanwhile the Boycott blog has removed the text of boycott call, where it was suggesting the Armenian diaspora to boycott the Eurovision song contest and instead of spending money on SMS-ing Eurovision, to donate that money to the families of the 10 people who died in the aftermath of the March 1 violence in Yerevan. The blog says the text has been removed to avoid extremist points of views, however, the plans to boycott Sirusho are still underway.


Plans to boycott Sirusho at Eurovision

Boycott blog – set up a couple of weeks ago to promote the concept of civil-boycott of various things – boycottable, in sign of protest of the 2008 Presidential election results and the reaction of authorities that followed opposition protests, has now come up with a discussion, whether it is acceptable to boycott the Eurovision song contest and Armenian representative – Sirusho. While I see some logic in that – I just watched the “Qele, qele” song – Armenian Eurovision entry, and felt, that it would be unjust towards the artist – Sirusho, who is basically still just a kid, especially as the song sounds like a winning one to me. Moreover, considering the fact, that this year is Azerbaijan’s first entry into the Eurovision contest, I have that little twitch of pride inside me, telling we have to do everything to make sure the Armenian artist wins. On the other hand, it is not just about Sirusho – it is the Armenian Public TV – that is taking part in the contest – and if this boycott could serve to teach a lesson of public mistrust towards the Public TV – for all the disgraceful media coverage of the election process over the past several months, maybe it is a justified more? I really don’t know. What do you think?
Here’s a Podcast of the Armenian Blog roundup made about this topic.


Sirusho Chosen for Eurovision 2008!

The Armenia blog is apolitical as ever – thus giving me a pleasant break from reading all the various accounts of the LTP rally. Noting, that Armenian pop singer Sirusho is going to represent Armenia during Eurovision-2008 international song contest, which will take place in Serbian Belgrade next year, Rhyne remarks:

Let’s hope the public is able to pick a song that doesn’t automatically guarantee failure, like last year’s. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether innocent bystanders will be beat, stabbed, or shot, but keep checking back.

Interestingly A1plus blog had also written about Sirusho/Eurovision earlier, asking a question:

Do you think Sirusho will be able to present our country at its best? And what do you think about the Eurovision overall?