Google Trips, Flight and Destinations now Support Armenia

Armenian destinations search on Google
If you need some suggestions for where to go next, try searching for “Armenia destinations” on Google and you’ll special search cards (see the picture abot). Hitting on each of them opens a nicely arranged special page, or you can try clicking “More destinations in Armenia.
From the destinations menu there are links to the travel guide, Google Flights and Google hotel search, all very helpful.
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First snow in Yerevan, municipality does its thing…

CIMG1221 CIMG1220

The snow was badly delayed this year. While its common to have the first snow in Yerevan late in November or early in December, this year’s first snow only came down on us on January 25. There’s global worming for you!

The municipal authorities were well prepared this time for a change. When I woke up this morning to take the kid to school, the main streets and even sidewalks were quite drivable/walkable in my Erebuni neighborhood.

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$4 for Yerevan-Gyumri travel on a wooden chair

Hand-made wooden chair in Yerevan-Gyumri minibus (c) Artur Papyan, The Armenian Observer blog, January 2009

My last trip from Yerevan to Gyumri was quite an experience.  The car was slow and dirty, the driver kept stopping with 15 passengers inside first to load the little free space left in the minibus with some boxes and a large stack of flowers, tied in bundles, which he obviously was going to deliver to some flower service in Gyumri and get extra money for it. He than stopped to pick up one more passenger and handed him a hand-made wooden chair (we call those with Russian word ‘taburetka’) for the latter to sit on while travelling the 2 hour long trip. To crown it all – the driver, who never stopped smoking for a minute and kept the driver’s window open for the smoke to go out in freezing winter weather, decided to stop for a natural gas refill station in Mastara (a  place half-ways between Gyumri and Yerevan).  Continue reading “$4 for Yerevan-Gyumri travel on a wooden chair”

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