Lost & Found in Armenia (Movie Trailer)

Lost & Found in Armenia is the story of Bill (Jamie Kennedy), an American tourist who vacations to Turkey to get his mind off a bad break up. Continue reading


Armenia says al-Qaida was involved in Karabakh war

Armenia officially reacted to news about the death of Osama bin Laden today. Continue reading

U.S. Ambassador warns Armenian authorities ahead of opposition rally

U.S. Ambassador speaking on civil socity in #Armenia

U.S. Ambassador speaking on civil socity in #Armenia (c) Twitpic by Artur Papyan

U.S. Ambassador H.E. Marie L. Yovanovitch made a brilliantĀ speech on Civil Society in Armenia at Yerevan State University today in a crowded University hall which fitted with difficulty more than a hundred prominent Civil Society representatives and journalists. Continue reading