Armenian bloggers hail Obama, with slight reservations…

“Did my small part today”, American citizen Nazarian writes, having voted for Obama,”The polls opened at 7 am. There were people who had been in line since around 6 am. Some of the poll workers said that people came over at 5 am. I was there at quarter past seven and the whole thing took less than an hour with half an hour of wait outside”, the blogger describes his voting experience.

Unzipped is inspired: “They proved that impossible is possible in America. They proved that ‘American dream’ exists”,he says, meanwhile, warning of possible disillusionment,”Expectations are so high of him that chances to get disappointed are very high too. Beginning of new era, or so I hope.”

Political scientist Artashes Boyajian believes in Obama campaign motto – “Change we can believe in!”, he says, “The world needs a positive and respectful attitude from America, for a change”, Artashes goes on to explain. “Let this be a victory of intelligence over arrogance, of responsibility over recklessness, of decency over shameful fear-mongering!!!”.

Pigh is original, as always -“Friends, why is it that you’re taking Obama’s election with such joy”, writes the blogger, known for his Republican political outlook and coincidentally, bearing the name Pigh, which stands for elephant in Armenian,”What, do we all care for the rebirth of powerful America?”

“IMHO”,the blogger goes on to say, “the brave-little-soldier Mccain and silly Palin would quickly bring the “global stronghold of democracy” to its logical end. Our Armenians, instead, are so joyful! So joyful! All our office looks like at Easter holidays.” And don’t hope that Obama will deliver his campaign pledge and recognize the Armenian Genocide, Pigh warns at the end, thus explaining his reservations on Obama victory.

Throughout the US election campaign and especially more so in the recent weeks, there were speculations in the Armenian blogosphere, that Obama is only the result of skillful PR. Uzogh, however, disagrees. “One thing I can see from Obama’s stance is – morality. He tries to show (and personally, I am convinced in it), that he cares about all the values, which are important for all the people, regardless of their being black, white or whatever. You can call all this – dirty PR and hold me for a naive romantic. Well, I guess we’ll have to live and see for ourselves”.

“It comes as no surprise that Armenian-Americans who supported Obama–most likely the vast majority of them although there’s probably no way to say for sure–are ecstatic about his being elected as president. He has made several promises to the Armenian-American community, most notably to recognize the Armenian Genocide. In a press release issued by his campaign Obama for America it clearly states his dedication to recognition”, Christian Garbis has written, reflecting on the overall excitement with Obama’s election among Armenians. “Even if he does not live up to this promise, it would not be his fault. He would not be the only president to refrain from doing so–in recent memory both President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush said similar things as campaign pledges. The US State Department policy has always been one favoring Turkey’s interests, and Armenian Genocide recognition has never been one of them”.  At any rate, Christian concludes, “Obama will nevertheless embrace and instill change internally in the US and also around the world. I can’t wait to see him visit Armenia one day”

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  2. I don’t think Obama will recognize Armenian Genocide (just like his predecessors never did) but his election is still a very good thing for many reasons. I trully believe in the words of one of the bloggers: it is a victory of intelligence over arrogance, responsibility over recklessness, decency over shamefull fear-mongering” (this list could go on…)

  3. I just know that Obama is deeply sympathetic to me. I just really like him – seems like such a decent person to me, that even my usual skepticism and distrust of any politician doesn’t affect it.

  4. I think actually that he will honor his pledge; here’s a story of a meeting that happened just the week before the election–I’ve pulled it from Hurriyet, so you know it’s serious:

    Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama. has reiterated his commitment to recognize the World War I-era killings of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire as genocide, if elected president.

    “The Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence,” he said in a statement late Friday sent to the U.S. Armenian community, according to the Armenian National Committee of America, or ANCA, the largest U.S. Armenian group.

    “Barack Obama strongly supports the passage of the Armenian genocide resolution pending in the House of Representatives and the Senate and will recognize the Armenian genocide,” the statement said.

    “The statement comes amid a flurry of reports in the Turkish press regarding a meeting that supposedly took place over the last few days between a senior Turkish official, Ahmet Davutoğlu, and a representative of the Obama – Biden campaign, after which Davutoğlu called into question Obama’s commitment to this core human rights issue,” ANCA executive director Aram Hamparian said.

    And here’s an interesting article in today’s Hurriyet; it seems like they’re preparing the Turkish people for the news:

    I do think, however, that if the new administration recognizes the genocide, Turkey is going to get some other things it wants–for instance, they are very worried that Joe Biden has supported an independent Kurdistan, and they’d like that suppressed, of course, and they’d like more support for the European Union bid (and I won’t even mention other things on their list…)

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