Google Hangout on Armenia’s Presidential Election

RFE/RL’s Armenian Service hosted a Google Hangout yesterday, featuring Armenian Service Director Hrair Tamrazian, analyst Richard Giragosian, and RFE/RL journalists Siranuysh Gevorgyan and Ruzanna Stepanyan and myself. Continue reading


“Music of Komitas is my everything,” Alin Goyan

You have to listen to this, to understand what made the young and promising lawyer abandon her comfortable job at the Court of Cassation and go to the conservatoire.

“Music of Komitas is my everything,” Alin Goyan told Radio Liberty.

You know she means it, when you listen to her beutiful modern interpretations of the great Maestro (Krunk, Chinar esGarun a).″

Podcast: Safer Internet Day 2010

On the international day of Safer Internet and myself spent some time talking to Internews Armenia about online security, safety, etc.

The program was broadcast on Radio Hay radiostation last week.

I’m posting the recorded mp3 version of this 7 minute radioprogram here, also available in the form of podcast, just to make sure our ‘brilliant’ ideas don’t get lost in time.″

PS: plays the good cop, I play the dumb and angry one :)))

Podcast: interview with Vahan Ishkhanian

PodcastThis week’s Armenian Blogosphere podcast features an interview with journalist Vahan Ishkhanian about his blogs, specifically the one on

Ishkhanian is well known around the Armenian Blogosphere. Not long ago he and his wife became the focus of much discussion and debate in blogs for publishing material’s on “Inqnagir” literary journal, claiming a prominent Armenian poet of the 20th century – Yeghishe Charents is gay.

Download this 5 minute podcast or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.–53.mp3″

Podcast: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere

PodcastArmenian blogs discussed Iran again this week, alongside the general amnesty declared by the Armenian parliament that set free a number of jailed oppositionists ahead of the PACE session. The car-crash of two key actors from highly popular “Vorogayt” show and the death of pop-superstar Michael Jackson attracted much attention, while social networks were lively with discussions about protests staged by nationalists during the visit of Georgia’s president Mikhail Sahakashvili.

Download this 1.3 Mb mp3 version of the Armenian language podcast brining you the news and updates from the Armenian Blogosphere or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below. For the full English language text of the podcast read the rest of this entry.″ Continue reading