Biking in Yerevan becomes 'the thing'

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A wooden bicycle was presented in Yerevan’s Freedom square on Sunday. The bike was developed as part of the “Ticcson” project funded by the Awesome foundation, and looked, well… funny, I guess. And yet, it has a pretty ambitious goal: to “contribute to the development of that culture of changing cars into bicycles” in Yerevan. Continue reading “Biking in Yerevan becomes 'the thing'”

Armenia 1:2 Ireland

Armenian keeper Roman Berezovski during the decisive Armenia vs Ireland match during Euro-2012
When Armenia started losing during yesterday’s game, I was totally heartbroken at first. But than I looked and saw, that in reality, we’re not losing. The score is nothing – our team was playing so good, that I don’t care about the score anymore. Armenia finally has a great football team for the whole world to see and for us – fans, to enjoy. That was a great game, guys! Go Armenia, you’re super! Continue reading “Armenia 1:2 Ireland”

Armenia Beats Macedonia 4:1 in Euro 2012 Qualifier

Watching Armenia - Macedonia match on an LCD projector screen in Tbilisi
Georgia -- Watching Armenia - Macedonia "Euro 2012" qualifier match in a hotel room, Tbilisi, 07Oct2012

There were no Russian or Armenian (nor Macedonian) channels on the hotel’s list of channels in Tbilisi. So we were moving around with lost and troubled faces since Tuesday. “Where are we going to watch the match?” was everyone’s question when coming across in the hotel lobby in our free time. Continue reading “Armenia Beats Macedonia 4:1 in Euro 2012 Qualifier”

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