Anthony Bourdain’s Take on Armenia


So I went for a beer with a couple of friends and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain turned up.

Here’s what Bourdain himself had to say about his visit to Armenia.


Armenia ranks 29th in World Economic Freedom 2017 report

World Economic Freedom 2017 Map

Armenia’s ranking has registered a significant drop in this year’s World Economic Freedom 2017 report by the Fraser Institute. The country was placed 23rd in the previous report, but it has slipped all the way down to the 29th position. Continue reading

Average salary in Armenia is higher than Azerbaijan, lower than Georgia

Average Salary in Post-Soviet States

Average Salary in Post-Soviet States

I came across this infographic on Настоящее Время, which shows average salaries in post-Soviet states in 2016-17. The data is taken from open sources, like the World Bank, etc. Interesting to see that the salaries in oil-rich Azerbaijan are lower than in Armenia, meanwhile Georgia is ahead of everyone. Below is a table extracted from the infographic, which I’ve typed up and translated into English for easy reference.

Country Salary
Estonia  $1,313.00
Latvia  $1,009.00
Lithuania  $903.00
Russia  $657.00
Kazakhstan  $432.00
Georgia  $413.00
Belarus  $402.00
Armenia  $397.00
Azerbaijan  $299.00
Moldova  $288.00
Ukraine  $263.00
Kyrgyzstan  $204.00
Turkmenistan  $198.00
Uzbekistan  $177.00
Tajikistan  $120.00

Number of tourists set to grow in Armenia, tourism industry contributes 4% of GDP

Food fest in Yerevan, undated

Food fest in Yerevan, undated

We’re starting to see more tourists than usual in Armenia lately. Armenian authorities say they expect a 20% growth in the number of tourists visiting the country. And there seems to be much more stuff to do for them as well — fests, celebrations, ropeways and ziplines, concerts everywhere.

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