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Opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossian's catch phrase from previous rallies - "Sksel a..." on a Yerevan sidewalk

Opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossian's catch phrase from previous rallies - "Sksel a..." on a Yerevan sidewalk

The phrase “Sksel a…” (It has begun) pronounced by Levon Ter-Petrossian, the leader of opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) in one of his recent speeches has forced me to pay closer attention to his lengthy and unusually dull speeches.

As the number of supporters attending opposition rallies has dwindled over the past months, Levon Ter-Petrossian, Armenia’s First President and by far the most charismatic political figure on the scene, has been maneuvering, mixing threats towards the authorities with conformist remarks, citing Wikileaks and giving history lessons of Arab spring… you can just feel the man has nothing to say…

And than he recalled “a youth movement which existed several years ago called “Sksel a…” and announced, that “the forcing of pre-term presidential and parliamentary elections through more frequent rallies and an utmost consolidation or mobilization of the popular masses,” has begun (Sksel a…).

This is the name of the civic youth movement which was rather active back in 2007-2008.  I was a member of it for some time and I recall those days with nostalgia. Those were the days of awakening… young people were staging amazingly creative protest actions drawing people’s attention to issues of democracy, freedom of speech, corruption, human rights in Armenia.

Then Levon Ter-Petrossian appeared on the political stage and discord began to grow among the ranks of “Sksel a…” Some of us insisted, that the group should remain strictly apolitical, while others were urging, that it should support the only viable opposition force led by Levon Ter-Petrossian.

“Sksel a…” eventually fell apart and ironically Levon Ter-Petrossian, the man who was, in many ways, the reason why the movement ceased to exist, recalls its name.

Moreover, I saw this graffiti on a sidewalk in Yerevan today. The catch-phrase apparently has assumed a life of its own and I feel somehow jealous and resentful, because a beautiful idea I once believed in will now be kicked around under various political feet, which will wipe their dirt on it and cheerful memories of the past will be tested again with groundless conspiracy theories…


5 thoughts on “Sksel a…

  1. nax da ‘SKSEL “E”, voch te SKSEL “A”
    my own ppl dont even want to make the language correct
    stop corrupting our language, maybe that would be a start
    look at all the ITS OPEN signs on all front door shops in Yerevan
    they all read BAC “E”, not BAC “A”
    go to our matenadaran and read 1 ancient manuscript
    you wont see 1 “A” in there, it’s all EEEEEEEEE as in Euthyun (Էություն)

    yerkrord, LTP is a direct and internal threat to all positive youth movements. hence why SKSEL ‘E’ fell apart. he is there to make sure that NO pos youth movement can bring back normalcy to our homeland, because these EVILS (aka: politicians) know dam well that it always begins with the youth. the elders dont have the motivation and/or political will to make things happen anymore. they are too much worried about work and making a living. they dont have that energetic youth to do what they want and make things normal. as the saying goes…the children are the future…and that term has 100% truth and accuracy in it

    also, go read what “ARAM” responded to me in your MY INDEPENDENCE DAY blog. he nailed it on the head. what he wrote the moral and social structure makes perfect sense. I couldn’t have written about all of this destruction of Hayastan society better myself

  2. HAK had a major faux-pas when they entered into a “dialogue” with the regime. They came out as the losers out of it.

    Add to that the their struggles with finances, their base migrating out of Armenia and the general apathy of the people and the future of Armenia looks bleak.

    I am 100% certain that the country will continue to remain a banditocracy where most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few families and where the rest of the population exists to support their lifestyles.

    • @IA
      your precious amenic sirvac LTP is the biggest LOSER of them all
      I hope he gets cancer, deteriorates, and DIES quick, but very painfully

      Jaaaaaaan :)

  3. Papyan es inch qaq commentner en grvum blogumd :) Voch mi qnnarkum Skeslayov Levonin mianalu chi eghel. Erbek.

    • formal qnnarkum chi exel, bayc mardik irar mej xosel en parberabar u yes arnvazn erku dep hishum em

      heto – HIMA-i stexcman zhamanak nuynpes ed harcy bardzracel e, vorovhetev HIMA-n inch vor arumov SKSELA-i qaxaqakanacman hetevanq er

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