Armenian Blogs

This is a listing of Armenian blogs current monitored by the Armenian blog review. If you know of any good Armenian blogs that you think should be included in this list, please email me at: . Thank you in advance for your help.

Armenian blogs in Armenian

Blog Title Description
Armenian Observer Blog – Armenian
Armenian Blogs about Democracy, Politics and Elections
Hakob GEVORGIAN blog, gallery and more…
Local Life in Armenia A blog about what life is like for people in Armenia.
New Wave – Artin Arakelyan The Blog of Iranian-Armenian Artin Arakelyan, world news, armenian news, comments…
New Dimension The Blog seeking to provide a NEW DIMENSION from Civil Society in Armenia, edited by Stepan Danielyan, head of the “Collaboration for Democracy” NGO
Aramazd’s journal Aramaz’s livejournal – a lot of information about Ayl@ntranq…
A Citizen’s Diary What is needed to turn Armenia into a democratic country?
Mi or… Christina’s thoughful blog about life in Armenia
A1plus Blog Talk about the news at A1plus blog
E-channel blog Become a co-author and write about what you want at Echannel. blog A blog by especially for the 2007 Elections.
Journalistic Notes and Observations Everything journalistics, everything intersting…
Baduhan The blog of Sevan Teyirmenchean from Istanbul
F5 Blog: 100% Armenian The all-Armenian blog of Dr. Artur Potosyan
Boycott Arabyan Boycott initiative – the blog attempting to use boycott as a civilized tool for achieving democracy in Armenia.

Armenian blogs in English

Blog Title Description
Oneworld Multimedia Blog The Oneworld Multimedia Blog contains original material by Armenia-based British journalist and photographer Onnik Krikorian, as well as links to other news, information and blogs.
The Armenian Observer Blog notes and observations of democracy, politics, economy and sport related news about Armenia and Armenians
Center for Regional Development / Transparency Armenia Blog This blog serves to monitor the 2007 Parliamentary Election in the Republic of Armenia.
Blogrel A blog about Armenia: business, politics, the future and good lavash.
iArarat A blog mostly dedicated to the Armenian Genocide recognition.
AllFOLK’s blog A blog of Armenian photos.
Anoush Armenia A blog about Armenia, its development perspectives, culture, life in Armenia, social change, etc.
Armenia Blog A blog of All Things Armenia. News, commentry, photos, videos related to Armenia.
Armenia Unfiltered reporting, analysis and commentary about Armenia from an expatriate perspective, brought to us by Katy Pearce.
Armenian Food A blog about the Armenian Food and not just that.
ArmYouth Blog Human Rights and issues by the young memebers of the Armenian Civil Society.
Ars Eye View There’s so much to see in the world, so here’s what I see. Find more at
Blogian Being a descendant of Armenian genocide survivors and a graduate of the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, Simon discusses a lot the topic of genocide. And don t be surprised if he mentions the cultural vandalism at Djulfa in every single post.
f o l l o w t h e w a y Follow the way from Paris to Yerevan, and talk about everything in between.
Life around me What I see, what I hear, what I do… Zarchka’s blog about Zarchka – with a touch of Armenia.
Life in Armenia – Repatriates A group of diasporan Armenians recording their experiences of life in Armenia.
Expat Life in Armenia A chance for the Odar(Expatriates) living in Armenia to give a different perspective on this crazy place and people.
Expat Life in Armenia A chance for the Odar(Expatriates) living in Armenia to give a different perspective on this crazy place and people.
Life in Armenian Diaspora Stories from the Armenian diaspora around the world.
Martuni or Bust!!! A journal of one man’s observances and experiences in Armenia.
One Armenian World I haven’t decided yet what this blog will be: weekly column, regular communication to friends and family, creative outlet, or some unfocused combination of all three.
SASSNA DZRER Just some of the news from Anatolia to Artsakh.
Social Science in the Caucasus A string of social science snapshots, remarks, observations, data from the South Caucasus.
The Armenian Economist The Armenian Economist blog is dedicated to the dissemination of the views of economists and professionals on current developments in the economy of Armenia. Topics of interest may include fiscal and monetary policy, government regulation and governance, trade, labor markets, income distribution, education, among many others. Comments are moderated.
The Armenian Odar Originally from Holland but now living in Armenia, I write about my life, the country I now live in and anything else I have something to say about (or think I do).
tirami su Photos, comments and fun – about Armenia and the world in general.
The Armenian Community The Armenian Livejournal Community
Dr. Spurkian Dr. Spurkian is a self-styled intellectual (the emphasis is on the  self ) living in the Disapora(s) and criticizing everything and anything relevant to things Armenian.
Armenia Project 2006 The journey of a diasporan Armenian musician in and out of Armenia. Includes the renovation of a village school in Marts, experiences in Yerevan, excerpts from daily life and a look into life generally in & out of Armenia.
Ex patria The blog of a German Expat currently living in Armenia, mother of three boys. Married to a US lawyer. Green, with a tendency to turn crunchy green. Liberal. Universalist. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
Armenian Libertarian-Socialist Movement We want to create this website as a sort of convergence point – a Cyber-HQ and as a focal point to help us come together, discuss and develop our politics& first as a cyber-commune and then, hopefully, gradually grow into a political force.
yandunts Emil Sanamyan’s blog which as he says is a “…reference to my writings in one place and, of course, I’d like feedback.”
Blogster A Blog on Two Wheels.
What Democracy Means What is needed to turn Armenia into a democratic country? What drives the change?
The Armenian Patchwork Documenting life in Armenia in pictures
Unzipped Armenia, news, reviews, personal… the way I [unzipped] see and feel it
Notes From Hairenik A thoughtful journal of one man’s observances and experiences in Armenia
Tesaket News and Analytics from Armenia
Armenian Issues Ara Ashjian is writing from Iran about the Armenian affairs and genocide in English and Arabic
Back After Eight years Izmailyan Ruben’s work and life in the Motherlan.
Texts.writer Chill-in Norik with a bunch of videos and some comments.
Armenia and me Trygve Utstumo, working in Armenia Red Cross Youth wites about his thoughts and experiences – through pictures and words.
Hye Trent The blog of Lebanese-Armenian transexual
Unzipped: Gay Armenia A blog by Unzipped, dedicated to Armenian Gay and Lesbian issues
Pink Armenia The blog of newly established LGBT NGO in Armenia
you are Vahagn’s guest now Be civil-activist, artist Vahagn Vardumyan’s guest on his blog.

Armenian blogs in Russian

Blog Title Description
JLiving notes The blog of David_Sand – a lawyer writing about Armenian legislation and politics, his work, information technologies, people and everything else.
August’s LiveJournal A blog about everything and nothing, but most of all, a blog about artistic, clever, hard-working young people in Armenia.
And nothing else matters… Pigh – elephant, is not an animal! It is a concept… not so political, not so conceptual, easy going livejournal by Pigh…
A flow of imitation of flow of ideas Very techie blog by Xelgen.. Ahousekeeper’s livejournal
Notes of a city hooligan-girl… The city is Gyumri, the hooligan is Narine
Hayk’s journal and life Life and Hayk’s livejournal
Geographical F$$$ A blog about xash, friends, humor…
Away From Life A blog about friends, humor and other uninteresting stuff.
Bored… Very interesting livejournal of the bored BigSauron…
Notes from Irukan… Irukan’s livejournal – almost like a little encyclopedia…
Gazanikus A little bit of politics on a generally welcoming livejournal…
Kornelij Glas Journalism, politics, and then: discussions on journalism and politics…
The Annals of Armenian “What, Where, When” – a Gyumri point of view The history of intellectual game – “What, Where, When” in Armenia, told from the perspective of the team made up of mostly Gyumri players
Uzogh’s blog Media manager, conservative, sysadmin – Uzogh about Armenia, politics, life, etc.
theartbox theartbox is not just another wordpress blog! A serious blog about design, webdesign, emerging internet technologies, discussions on usability, efficiency and style of various webpages and what constitutes a really winning design, what makes a web page The Art Box!
517design A little bit of everything: news, comments, questions and a lot of design in 517design’s live journal.
Personal Development Blog by Gaspar Chilingarov Moving from technology to personal development path
Edgar Khachatryan’s Blog High Tech, Astronomy, Poetry, Family and Life
CaucasusNow Your Truth About Caucasus

Armenian blogs in French

Blog Title Description Video Blog Documentaire Participatif et Citoyen autour du Globe Petite encyclopédie du génocide arménien
L’Âme arménienne
La vie reelle Insecure life…
Yevrobatsi Arméniens d’Europe, citoyens du Monde
Ensemble pour la Justice
Cause armenienne Ce skyblog est dedié a l’actualité de la cause armenienne, certes j’ai d’autres blog sur d’autres communautés .

Other Armenian blog catalogues

Blog Title Description Official blog of the Electronic Library. Also posts on local and foreign politics. Languages: Armenian, English, Russian.
Light in August The blog of Civil Society activist Bekaisa – thoughts, announcements, political posts and a bit of life as it is…
Texts.writer Artist (filmmaker, hacker, sometimes painter and photographer) Chill-in Norik (sometimes Norayr) about artisting, filmmaking, hacking and more.

Other Armenian blog catalogues
Armenian LiveJournal
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Armenian Online Journals