Obama Urged to “Reset” Relationship with Armenian Americans

U.S. President Barack Obama launched his second term Monday with a call for the United States to continue its “never-ending journey” to live up to the ideals of its founders. Continue reading


U.S. Companies Paid Bribes to Take Away Armenian Kids

Armenia -- Children at an orphanage.

Armenia -- Children at an orphanage.

Private U.S. agencies arranging international adoptions of children paid “gifts of gratitude” to Armenian officials getting an unfair advantage over possible local Armenian adopted parents.

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More YouTube Trouble: Armenia Denies Biden Statement

U.S. - Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden talking to representatives of Armenian community, 26Oct2010

Armenian President’s Office effectively said U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was lying, when saying that Serzh Sargsian had called him to ask not to push Armenian Genocide recognition while Armenia-Turkey talks were in progress. Continue reading