Guest Post: How Dog Walking Promotes Proaction

Lately I have been taking my pet Chihuahua, named Chi Chi, on regular nightly walks in central Yerevan just before 7:00 pm. Our route starts at the corner of Vartanantz and Hanrabedutyan Streets. We walk towards Tumanyan Street, where we take a left and trot by the Chinese food restaurants and lovers stroll hand-in-hand. Then we round the corner of Nalbandyan Street, heading towards Sakharov Square, where we turn onto Vartanatz and then go home. It takes us about 10 minutes to walk the distance, and although it’s not rigorous exercise for me, my puppy can easily get tuckered out. Once in a while we bump into another small dog, like a Yorkshire Terrier (my dog is scared of others) or a sneaky feral cat – you never know what revenge they’ll reveal on a canine their size or even smaller.

The reactions we get are various, but they are mostly cordial. Most of the comments are along the lines of “What a lovely, tiny dog,” “Hey, dude, check out that puppy!” or “Is that a dog or rat?” Some guys loitering on the sidewalk on the corner for something to happen just stare as we walk by. Fruit and flower vendors don’t know what to make of us at all. But no matter the nature of the comment, Chi Chi walks tall. Continue reading