Armenia To Fine Drivers for Throwing Litter from Car


Everytime I see something thrown out of a car’s window I swear: “Bastard, son of a bitch.” But I never do anything about it. I imagine accelerating my car, reaching the litter-driver and shouting from my window: “Hey, you son of a bitch, drive back and pick up your carp.” But I never do it. And I utterly hate myself for it. Continue reading


Number of Female Drivers Keeps Growing in Armenia

Women behind the wheel are no longer an exotic sight in Yerevan. I frequently find my car sandwiched between two female drivers on the street. And those are the rare moments, when I feel safe… because I’ve never seen a female driver take an especially risky maneuver just to prove a point or please their ego so far.

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Joys of Car Inspection in Yerevan


Story by Notes from Hairenik, Photo & Niva property of Ditord

This morning I finally took care of the vehicle inspection for my Niva, which is referred to as “tekh osmotr,” a Russian term. I found out from a fellow employee last Friday that the law has changed for this year regarding when the inspection sticker expires. If you do not get a new inspection sticker within twelve months of the expiration date you can potentially be fined 50,000 dram by the traffic police.

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