Opposition rally everything but a revolution

Armenia’s radical opposition rallied thousands in capital Yerevan on March 1st. The date was set to coincide with the 3rd anniversary of deadly street-violence in the capital after 2008 presidential elections, where 10 people died in clashes between supporters of opposition presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian and riot police forces. Continue reading


Lone activist’s social media revolution – too little, too late?

@hpNYR, a young NY based activist is trying to single-handedly spark a social media-driven revolution in Armenia. The key word is ‘single-handedly’ here, because looking at the statistics he’s getting, you know the guy hasn’t got either much help, or support.
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Neither bread, nor circuses… just ‘tired’ demands

Armenia -- Thousands of opposition supporters demonstrate in Yerevan, 18Feb2011

Armenia -- Thousands of opposition supporters demonstrate in Yerevan, 18Feb2011

Armenian National Congress (HAK) staged one of the largest anti-government rallies Yerevan has seen since March 2008 in an impressive display that it remains the largest opposition force. Continue reading

STRATFOR: Egypt Effect ‘impossible’ in Armenia

Opposition rally in the Freedom Square, Yerevan, 2008

Opposition rally in the Freedom Square © Photo by Artur Papyan, Yerevan, 21Feb2008

As protests continue in Egypt, there has been much speculation that similar developments could occur in the former Soviet Union.

STRATFOR, a reputable geopolitical analytical think-tank, says this is unlikely, as there are too many differences — both cultural and political — between Egypt and the former Soviet states. However, factors unrelated to the Egypt unrest have created risks for instability in several other former Soviet countries. Continue reading