Wind of Change

As I reflect on these last moments of 2019… as we head into 2020 and the next decade… I look into the future full of uncertainty and promise

Uncertainty, because last month I left the Armenian service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (

Promise, because I have a world of opportunities and plans, one of which is my return to the civil society sector as the country representative of Media Diversity Institute and the launch of the IT help-desk project for journalists and human rights defenders.

I also should have more time and freedom to blog and podcast.

And while I will miss my wonderful team at, leaving it was my decision and I have no regrets!

So here we go! Farewell 2019, welcome 2020!


Dream Job

The Traffic Controller of one of Yerevan’s Minibus Routes at his office

“What do you do all day?” I asked.
“Sit around, smoke and drink coffee,” the traffic controller on one of Yerevan’s minibus routes chuckled back to me.


It's a girl!

I’ve got an addition to the family – a charming German Shepherd puppy has been living with us for two weeks now.

Armenia Diaspora Society

Guest post: A Heart that Yearns for Home

Our people seem to have had a nomadic, adventurous streak from early on, weaving their way into many nations and embedding their roots where business could thrive. We like novelty, culture, food and winning, no matter what the prize. Unfortunately for those who would have kept close to their family hearths despite this curious streak to find a new El Dorado somewhere` somehow, they too would be forced to abandon all they held dear to start anew in strange worlds, among strange people bearing customs entirely foreign to our traditions.


Meet my guest – Mr. Grashopper

I have always had a strange admiration for all sorts of insects. Luckily my son shares my love of them. So when yesterday’s thunderstorms brought us a scared locust – a large (7 cm or more) representative of the grasshopper family, we were both excited.

Rob, my son, tried to feed it with some grass, although we had no idea if it likes it and were too lazy to look in the encyclopedia.