Armenia’s first real porn scandal as it were…

Armenian soap-opera actress Angela Sargsyan. Photo from

Armenian actress Anjela Sargsian, best known for her appearances in “Kargin Serial” (Proper Soap Opera) and “Ur e im tghamardy” (Where’s my man) TV series broadcast by Armenia TV, has come under fire recently following the publication of her pornographic photos on Odnoklassniki social network, which were later published on a website until that site went down reaching bandwidth limit. Continue reading


Lone activist’s social media revolution – too little, too late?

@hpNYR, a young NY based activist is trying to single-handedly spark a social media-driven revolution in Armenia. The key word is ‘single-handedly’ here, because looking at the statistics he’s getting, you know the guy hasn’t got either much help, or support.
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