Armenian Traffic Police have wearable cameras and they’re not afraid to use them

Portable cameras worn by Traffic Police officers in Armenia

Wearable cameras used by Traffic Police officers in Armenia

Armenian Traffic Police have been required to wear special surveillance cameras since June 2016. The cameras were introduced as part of the Government’s anti-corruption efforts [More info about cameras in this video]. A controversial incident on September 4th, which has caused a bit of uproar around the Armenian segment of the internet, has raised many questions about these cameras.

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38 Thousand To Graduate High School in Armenia


Kids hanging from car windows celebrating graduation day | picture from "Aravot" daily, 2007

38 thousand 350 high-school students celebrate their Graduation Day in Armenia today. Over 9 thousand of them graduate school in Yerevan. All 9 thousand of them seemed to have decided to pass right below my windows 7 A.M. this morning, with their car horns blowing like crazy and the kids shouting unintelligible slogans of happiness and satisfaction for leaving school.

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Motorists in Armenia ‘buckle-up’ in disbelief


Government approved National Transportation Safety strategy pushes forward with car seat belts

Hundreds of drivers in capital Yerevan were pulled off to the sidewalks and fined by the police this week for not fastening their car seatbelts. The large-scale police operation was widely covered prime-time by Public TV of Armenia. The capital had changed beyond recognition next day – 90% of drivers were wearing their safety belts.

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