Armenian Criminals Go Sophisticated, Hi-Tech and… Nuclear

The 18 grams of powder that were hidden in a lead-lined cigarette box so they could be smuggled past radiation detectors on the borders of the former Soviet Union. (c) Photo from

Armenian criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hi-tech, with the recent list of adventures including a $160 Million Medicare fraud in U.S., 29 million strong botnet of virus-inflicted computers around the world and now an attempt to sell 18 grams of weapon-grade, highly enriched uranium. Continue reading


Funny: Iranian governor “provides” uranium to Armenian governor

Iranian Tehran Times daily published a strange story on Sunday about an Iranian governor telling an Armenian governor about Iran’s readiness to supply nuclear fuel to Armenia. As a colleague rightfully noted today, they could as well publish a story about an Iranian village mayor promising to sell long-range missiles to an Armenian village mayor. I mean – these things just don’t happen on the village mayor, governor or even prime-minister levels.

Strangely, the story was picked up by a range of Armenian and Azerbaijani media, ‘experts’ started commenting on what this meant, and so on and so forth… (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4). Is there something I don’t understand? Is this story really actually IMPORTANT? Continue reading